Mobile Apps & Custom Softwares For Hospitals, Healthcare Businesses, Tele Medicine & Laboratories

Rapid Boost creates custom apps and softwares for Healthcare Industry. From appointments to prescription tracking to hospital management we have custom products for all your health business needs.

It is the age of mobile applications, and they’ve stormed every business service possible from delivery of household goods to now, medicines. The advent of on-demand apps has transformed the medical industry landscape, with more and more people preferring door-delivery of medications and healthcare products than ever before.

A simple Google search would reveal different apps for different medical services, indicating a potential business opportunity. What if you launch a business that provides all the essential healthcare services through a single, titular mobile application?

We provide one such solution- a Healthcare app that enables you to provide a multitude of healthcare services. Highly customizable and fit for instant launch.

Example of a Dental Clinic App: