In addition to putting your own efforts in building your business there is a need to network with other entrepreneurs. Social networking platforms for entrepreneurs help you discover new opportunities and introduce you to novel ideas for addressing challenges in your niche. Here are some social networking tools to help you connect and engages with other entrepreneurs


StartUp is a social network that allows you to meet potential business partners with whom you can grow your business. It also offers a suitable environment for marketing your brand and making product sales, gaining useful insights into creating and delivering sales pitches, and establishing and growing an online business. The network provides a platform for members to interact with each other, exchange business opportunities and offer solutions to problems facing businesses, in the form of marketing and consultation services.


Ecademy is a membership-based network that attracts businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for local and global connections. The network, which is primarily a resources that offers access to global networking events and techniques for leveraging social media, works on the philosophy of Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me. This philosophy is geared to help members maximize their bottom line, make the best use of social media and use online networking techniques to boost a brand. This is one of the oldest social networking platforms and offers a truly diverse resource base for small and medium enterprises.


MeetUp is a social networking tool that allows groups and individuals to integrate their offline experience with social media. This network enables you to create your own groups based on interests or industry affiliation and to invite like-minded people to exchange ideas offline and online. You can also join existing groups that appeal to your interest. The most attractive element of Meetup is that it is local as much as it is global. In this way, you can get together with local industry experts, businesses and prospects, hold offline events and continue the conversation online. Simply enter your city or zip code and MeetUp will show you various relevant meet-ups in your location.


MeetTheBoss is a free and resourceful platform that offers wide-ranging interviews with local and global business leaders. The interviews cover areas including businesses challenges and solutions to these challenges, strategies for business, and influential people in the world of business. The platform also offers a management-training program, and provides career and business advice to help you grow your business.


PROskore is an online social network that measures your social influence and reputation. The score you receive helps you find new business opportunities among other network members. This network brands itself as the first social networking platform to measure professional influence as one interacts with social media. PROskore uses three metrics to determine ones influence. These include the social influence you have in other social networks, your level of activity based on the connections you make on PROskore, and your professional experience. There are over 200,000 members on the network who connect with each other on the basis on interest, industry affiliation as well as location.


Ryze assists people to grow their businesses through expanding their social network. In addition to finding new opportunities and meeting new prospects, Ryze helps you meet up with past friends and contacts. The network offers its members a free profile/ homepage from where they can send messages to fellow members. As a member of Ryze, you can join Groups related to your niche as well as those based in your location. This network has a global membership of over 500,000 members from 200 countries and over 1000 organizations host networking Groups on this platform.


Entrepreneur Connect is part of Entrepreneur Magazine, a subsidiary of Entrepreneur Media. This network was specifically created for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Connect allows you to develop your profile, interact with other community members, and exchange ideas. This network is however not too keen on self-promotion and instead looks to encourage entrepreneurs to share ideas that will assist fellow members. This is an ideal network if you are looking to link up with suppliers, service providers for your business, niche experts and past contacts. In addition to creating new groups or joining existing ones, you can create your own blog, which may appear on the network’s homepage.


If you are looking to engage with a large group of focused experts, entrepreneurs and investors from a wide range of industries, the Perfect Business could be the ideal networking environment. The Perfect Business attracts potentially big clients, investors, (if you are looking to expand your business) as well as business partners who can help you take your business to the next level of growth. The network features a video center, which gives you access to a wide resource base of entrepreneurial insight. Other benefits include investor center and business plan software to help you build a successful business.


While many people compare Biznik to LinkedIn, Biznik says that it is a social networking platform that ‘does not suck.’ This social network attracts self-employed people, CEOs and freelancers. The platform allows you to exchange ideas, provide and receive advice and expand your business opportunities.


Upspring was created with the aim of helping small businesses and brands meet their marketing objectives through social networking. The platform enables entrepreneurs to leverage the power of networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter to grow their prospect and customers bases.


Partner Up is a free networking platform that attracts businesses, co-founders, executives, partners and board members. This network offers an environment, which allows you to ask questions, offer advice, locate professional service providers such as accountants for your business and suitable real estate property. The network also allows businesses to advertise their product/service offering.


Efactor brands itself as the largest network of entrepreneurs that helps small businesses find funding to grow their enterprises, gain knowledge, minimize business costs and expand their revenue bases. The network offers its members access to discounted business tools, offline and online business events and an environment for exchanging ideas and meeting potential clients and business partners. Funding and business mentoring are at the heart of this network. Members looking for investment opportunities undergo a careful vetting process before becoming eligible investors. Efactor also offers a mentoring program that provides guidance to entrepreneurs through various levels in their businesses.


In addition to offering a networking environment, Start Up Nation is packed with resourceful content including articles, blogs, podcasts and seminars, as well as forums. The content offered on this platform helps entrepreneurs to obtain suitable tools for running a successful enterprise and making informed business decisions. The topics discussed on this network are very varied to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs in a wide range of niches. Start Up Nation hosts competitions to help members develop skills in marketing, business plan creation, networking, and delivering of sales pitches.


The Go Big Network helps entrepreneurs find funding. They claim that more than 300,000 startups have used them to get funding for their businesses. The network enables you to send a request for help and then links you to people within the network who can offer support or answer your question.


Spoke Network is a resource for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for up-to-date information on other businesses and people. This network is especially important for sales professionals, business researchers and managers. Spoke features an information database of over 30 million companies and people in diverse industries. The network offers a platform for efficient gathering of industry specific data and news. If you are looking to understand your industry better, to keep abreast with trends, to gain access to company news and executive profiles, then this is the social network for you. As a member, you can create your own professional profile as well as one for your company. This way, other members and prospects will easily access detailed information about your company and make informed decisions that can help them partner with you.


The Home Based Business is a free membership network of people who work from home and enjoy earning a living as self-employed business people. The network offers diverse insights into different aspects of business including opportunities, tips for running a home-based business as well as how to avoid work at home scams. Members gain access to tools that guide them through every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. As a member, you will gain access to the network’s newsletter, events as well as open participation in the forum where you can ask questions, provide answers and link with other businesses in a way that is not always possible for home-based businesses.


The Funded is an online social network that enables entrepreneurs to look for funding sources, as well as review and rate these sources. As a member, you can connect with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas on finding suitable investors. The best features of this network are that you can assess investors before doing business with them as well as receive RSS feeds of comments and announcements posted by other members. When you join the site, you will gain access to investor profiles, the investments they are involved with their investment requirements as well as their contact details.