Social media is a massive sea and taming that sea can take, well, time – a lot of time. The last thing you want is you, or your team, to spend too much time on social media. On average small business owners spend 7 hours every week on social media to manage it. 

Managing profiles across the massive array of social media platforms on the web is time consuming. So here few tools that you can use to manage your social media profiles better and save time.


When it comes to managing your Twitter profile, you won’t find a better tool than Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is easy to use and has a small learning curve. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets across the month and monitor activity.

Tweetdeck is owned by twitter and it is really powerful when it comes to twitter analytics and tracking.


This is an awesome tool! Intelligence driven and advanced tool

A simple tool which measures the effectiveness of your posts. Tweriod gives you analytical information to help you assess and plan your Twitter strategy.

Social Bro

Social Bro is a comprehensive tool that equips you with a range of tools to use Twitter. Think of it as a Swiss knife. It also has more to offer beyond just Twitter. 


Facebook is all about likes and LikeAlyzer analyzes Facebook pages and highlights improvement areas. It also provides a comparison with other industry pages.


Agorapulse is a great tool to manage your Facebook customer relationship and grow them, all by building profiles of followers based on their interactions with your page.


If you have a page on Pinterest and Instagram, then you must use Curalate. It tracks conversations across the platform and identifies potential brand advocates and influential followers.

Pin Alerts

Pin Alerts instantly sends you a mail when a user pins something on their site. It’s a great way to gather real time data on your Pinterest profile.


Collecto is good for identifying trends and hashtags on Instagram.


Tagboard provides insights into conversations and trends across major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


With this tool, you can track trends and manage profiles across all the major social media platforms. Socialoomph has made it easy to save posts as drafts, reuse posts, schedule posts in bulk, and submit your posts via mail.


Hootsuite is the Swiss knife of social media tools. It packs all the basic and advance features that you would need to efficiently run your social media profiles. From managing multiple social media accounts to scheduling your activities in advance, Hootsuite makes social media easy.



The key to good social media is tapping into the trends and staying active. All of these tools will help you do that and make social media simple and easy to execute.