I am LOST!

When I talk to Business owners and Entrepreneurs they always ask me this one very important question. From where can I start building up my online presence and how can I do it. Where Online and Digital marketing is changing every day, also Social Media and other platforms are emerging: Yelp, Urban Spoon, Angie’s List etc. Not only that but other paid advertising networks, Ad word campaigns, and other digital media also exists for paid advertising. Mobile marketing is also growing very fast as consumer behaviors are changing, and eventually most of the local search will come through mobile and mobile will going to drive E-Commerce in future.

Let’s Start From Here!

Before you take your first step make sure you understand what it all means. You should be able to understand as a marketer or a business owner that what SEO means or What Social Media is. This will help you understand online landscape better and make better decisions. Now the question is where you should start from and if you have limited human resources then where you can spend them carefully. 

You need to have an online Real Estate which is commonly known as website. This online Real Estate will be your image to the world. You make sure you get this one right. Make it or have it made with one thing in mind that you want to own the best website in your niche. Here is an example of Toronto Plumber who got all the necessary information for a potential customers need and, it looks neat & clean to someone like Grandma who can also call them after going on their website.

Gone are the days when people use to click on paid ads or banner ads. Now consumers relay on organic search results, rather then going to a unreliable or a crappy website through online advertisement. Paid ads come across as a push strategy which costs you alot to keep running them. Showing up on the first page in organic search is a pull strategy as potential customer is already looking for it. So you need to make sure your business ranks higher for all the keywords relating to your business. This is called SEO and this will get you to the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc. when potential customers are looking for your business.

Once you get the website right. Now the second step is different for every business. But, the best investment you can make is on Social Media. With Google recent Panda update search results are showing up differently than before. Social Media is also a very important when it comes to showing up higher on search results as it crawls your Social Media networks to see how active and engaging you are. Considering yellow pages is obsolete over 82% of people now search online for local information. More importantly over 80% of consumers spending is in their local area. Considering  the trend and Google search engine updates you have to make sure you are on Social Media or else you will eventually loose the potential customer to your competition.

Establishing a Social Media presence will only do so much, you need to make sure you are engaging your potential customers and keep growing your followers locally who can turn into raving fans. Social Media within itself is consisted of multiple platforms and networks consisting of different demographics. In Canada Facebook is the leading Social Media platform and other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are catching up faster. You cannot be everywhere at all the times effectively, so businesses need to know which Social Media platforms they will give priority to and grow their follower base.

You Got To Be There So Potential Consumers Can Find You

Local Maps have became a huge part of online and mobile search. Canadian businesses lack their presence and they got to be there. More and more potential consumers are searching on their local maps before they make a decision. Local maps not only provide just directions but information like What your business does, hours of operation, pictures, menu, and any other relevant information.

Make sure your business can be found on all the local map applications. Few of the major ones to consider: Google Maps, Apple maps, Mapquest etc. Once Local Maps are established they will provide you relevant analytics on how many impressions and clicks you got from potential consumers. This can be a great lead generation platform where anyone should be able to find you if they search your niche or related keywords.

One very important component is the review or guide sites like Yelp, Urban Spoon or authority websites like Angie’s list where consumers go and seek information. Predominantly these websites provide an online trusted space which can built a great credibility for your business. Make sure your business is listed on all the major review sites with correct information.

We Are Doing Everything But Still No Leads Or Sales Increases

It is not about how much you have done, it is about how well you have done it. Businesses need to realize that you can be everywhere online to be found by your customer but it is like you own 20 cars which don’t start. So, make sure you take your business strategically forward in the right direction with long term goals in place. Here at RapidBoost we help our clients achieve strategic goals through which they can not only just build their brand but get solid leads and business. Rapid Boost strategic  approach is sales and business development driven which will get you ROI quicker, faster and better.