No one wants to be in a social media pickle. A social media disaster will have serious negative effects on your dealership brand, leaving you dealing with damage control. It is usually caused by online public backlash or negative comments from an influential social media personality. Putting up the wrong post can create quite an embarrassment for your business. There are no hard and fast rules in social media. Your experiments may not always have the desired effect. Social media is lightening fast, and a crisis that pops up overnight has to be dealt with immediately.

Respond Thoughtfully

Don’t give a knee jerk reaction. You want to respond, not react. A knee jerk reaction will result in a hastily crafted reply which is not well thought, possibly aggravating the situation. It’s better to take some time out to understand the situation at hand, and make certain that your reply is addressing your customer’s immediate concerns.

Instead of giving a heated reply, your response should prove that you’re willing to address the problem.

Be Honest

Don’t even think of deleting negative comments. If an error has occurred, don’t hesitate to acknowledge it. Many times a business’ mistake has little to do with social media and more to do with their operations or product. Social media is the perfect place for angry customers to lash out.

You don’t want to come across too defensive. Instead, give a valid explanation to your customer and back it up with a strong argument.

Always Keep Your Cool

You’re passionate about your brand and ferocious about defending your dealership. At times, online users are not on their best behavior when grieving. They tend to lash out. This does not make a good combination.

You need to reign yourself in instead of going gung ho on your customers. Don’t just try to stay calm – you must stay calm! The online customer may be fuming and abusing, sending a plethora of negativity your way. It would be a mistake to meet his/her comments head on.

Listen and Be Attentive

Many times customers just want their problems to be heard and know that someone is listening at the dealership. Don’t try to ignore them. You’ll just have the online customer fuming even more. Chances are that the social media disaster occurred because you weren’t paying attention to online chatter and it exploded in your face.

Rebuild Your Image

Social media can seriously damage your business’ image. Rebuilding your brand’s image can take time, but with consistency you can improve it. Your social media re-branding strategy should embrace the idea that things do go wrong. You should always have a plan in place to deal with such situations at your dealership.

Ultimately, a social media disaster is an opportunity to turn it into a positive spin. For the time being, there’ll be an increased number of users watching you. Handle the disaster well and you’ll impress not only your customers, but also others who are watching you. Check these automotive marketing solutions: Rapid Boost Dealer