Many local businesses are looking for ways to generate leads cheaper using adwords and google ppc campaigns. Adwords campaign can be a great way to generate new leads for local businesses if done right or else you will end up wasting alot of money and will see no ROI.




Google’s new research shows an average click-to-call conversation length of six minutes, suggesting the option can lead to decent level of engagement. 72% of click-to-call conversations lasted longer then 30 seconds.


Usually PPC campaigns are setup to take people to landing pages or website. But problem is landing pages or website convert 3% on average. It takes time and energy to write a good copy, design a good page, make sure its responsive etc.

This technique bypasses your landing page and gets customer to call you on your business directly. They are ready to buy, they need help and you are right there on the phone to help them.





If your customers like to talk to you on the phone than your local business will do really well. Local businesses like lawyers, accountants, plumbers, dentists etc. can all leverage this feature of adwords.

Click to call rate is higher than click to ad rate. More people will call if given the option as they want direct access to you.

In local service providers industries this is a must, I will highly recommend it to you and you will see the results.

2 Tips: 

  • Test, Test & again Test your copy
  • Bid high on keywords which are urgency driven


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