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3 Step Process for Offer Selection (Think Like Your Customer)

Most of us like to buy, but we don’t usually like to be sold. Based upon our years of experience and an absurd amount of real-world tests, a strong marketing offer consists of three parts:

  1. Benefit (What’s in it for me?)
  2. Differentiator (Why should I buy from you?)
  3. Call-To-Action (What do I do next?)


How the value ladder works: 



Make them an offer they can’t refuse:

Service Providers Offer Examples:

#1: Giving them a chance to see how it works

Example: Free Trial—This may be the best offer ever devised. People can try out your service free and without obligation. The time frame should fit the service example a Dentist or Lawyer can provide upto 20 mins of free consult. similarly Realtor or Coach or Mortgage advisor can provide an hour consult. This offer removes risk for the prospect and overcomes procrastination.

Offer has to be tied with your USP, just throwing a free consult won’t work.

Negative Option—This is generally used with a free trial. You allow your prospect to try your service for free and then automatically bill unless the prospect specifically refuses the service within a certain time frame. This often results in higher returns and a few more irate phone calls, but it pulls better up-front and can produce higher overall sales.


Creating an offer - Business Growth School


Creating an offer - Business Growth School



#2: Add Extra Value (Stackable Services)

Example: Deluxe Version—You offer a second version of the same item with enhanced features for a little more money.


Good-Better-Best—This gives your potential client a choice of quality (Senior accountant vs junior accountant). It also subtly urges people to spend more than they might if you can demonstrate that the “best” choice is the best value. Ideally, you should show more features for higher-quality services.




Business Growth School


#3: Standout with service benefits (Same day appointment, emergencies are welcome etc.)


Example: Membership—You offer a prospect the chance to be one of the first to join a club or organization. A special introductory price, gift, or other incentive is usually included.

Business Growth School


Business Growth School




#4: Offering Bribes (Free Gift with Payment, Cumulative Incentives etc.)

Example: Travel Fellowship: $20,000 to travel the world by University of Washington


Business Growth School







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