Research conducted by renowned and credible research firm: Edison Research in March 2017 by the name of The Infinite Dial.

Why you should be podcasting:

The year-over-year growth rates for podcast listening have been remarkably consistent, with 10 to 20% increases each year.


Why you should podcast





Time spent listening to online radio surges to an all-time high of 14:39 per week

85 percent of listeners hear all or most of a podcast episode


Podcasts are a really powerful way to connect!

Podcasts can perform so many functions like…

  • They can educate.
  • They can entertain.
  • They can inform.
  • They can inspire.
  • They can garner laughs.
  • They can gather tears.

Most imoprtantly it can help you personally connect with your potential customer. Another amazing thing about podcast is, podcasts don’t need to adhere to radio’s clock, in which content must fit 15 minute increments.  If an episode wants to be 53 minutes, by all means let it!



Tools for Podcasting:

Script-writing and collaboration: WriterDuet

Call recording: Google Voice

Recording and editing: Audacity and GarageBand

Music and sound effects: Freesound, Free Music Archive

Transcribing: Express Scribe Free

Analytics and stats: Blubrry

Podcast cover art:

  • iTunes Podcast- 1400×1400 at 300 dpi
  • iPhone Display – 160 dpi
  • iPhone App Image requirement – 512×512 pixels at 160 dpi
  • iPad Display – 132 dpi


Example: our own podcast which now gets over 15k downloads per month and here is the proof: