If you are running an e-commerce site, then SEO optimization is more important than ever. Without good traffic, you won’t be able to have good sales and your business will substantially suffer. 


E commerce search engine

As an e-commerce company you face two main challenges:

– Getting a brand name out there: You want the world to know you exist and that you aren’t another seller on Amazon.

– Bring your products to the top of the search result: The foremost way your customers are going to come across your site is through the products you sell; hence they need to be at the top of the search result.

SEO is your way of marketing yourself to the world. You save money, avoid traditional marketing and create a separate pool of customers for which you don’t have to fight with the bigwigs of e-commerce.

Let’s look at several tips that will boost your e-commerce SEO.

Search-ability of your Products

You can improve the searchability of your products in various ways.


Whatever name you chose as the product title needs to searchable – your audience should be typing it in the search engine. For example, you do not want to name your product as ‘Philips Lights’. It is a name that is too broad. Your product name needs to be as specific as possible so that search engines can have it in the result. So, you rather have ‘Philips Table Lamp’ as your title.


The description is important for your audience and search engine both so that they know the particular technical details of the product and all its uses. Ensure your product description is unique and offers something different to your audience. Additionally, mention all the various other uses of your product.

Meta Tags and Description

Ensure your products have the right variety of keywords your user will type in his search. For example, Philips Table Lamp will have the tags of table top lamp, night table lamp, desk lamp, study lamp, etc.

The meta-description is the alternative for the search engine to understand what you’re offering.

Good Pictures

The pictures need to be good quality and cover all angles of the product. They must have sufficient tags for the search engine to recognize the product.


Have some kind of division on your site for your product. It helps your users find products on the site and further helps search engines understand the product you are selling.

Mobile Friendly

More and more of your audience will be making purchases through their phones. Your website needs to be mobile friend. The whole buying experience on a small screen needs to quick, safe and easy.

Additionally, you may want to think about building a mobile app as your e-commerce business grows. It creates another channel for you and this is noticed by search engines.

Well-Functioning website

A well functioning website won’t have any broken links and 404 Error pages. Run frequent checks on your site to make certain you don’t suffer from any. Broken links and 404 error pages will be noticed by search engines and have a negative effect on your e-commerce site.

SEO is a constant process. Make sure you keep all these points in mind and you keep SEO optimizing your site.