One of the certain ways to push boundaries with your business is to ensure that it gets noticed online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to achieve high search results ranking, but getting to the top is only half the deal. The other part of the struggle involves staying there, and it keeps getting more difficult the longer you stay on top.

If you think your ratings are falling and that your competitors are getting ahead and usurping your positions, it is time to use this checklist to make your way back to the top.



1. Post Good Quality Content Often

Adding fresh content to your website makes it appealing not only to the users but also to the search engines and indexing programs that determine your search result ranking. Every fresh posts will be indexed by Google and helps keep your website relevant and fresh. The content must be well written, so avoid adding too many keywords that comprise on quality.

2. Use keywords-word rich content

Once you have achieved top rankings, you must concentrate on the keywords that bring the most traffic in. You can use several tools such as Google analytics or Google’s Webmaster Tools to look at the traffic data for different queries. Use these generously in creating your content. Start using more long-tailed words which are better at understanding a user’s query.

3. Improve your Link Building Quality

In order to get ahead in the game, it is essential to monitor both your and your competitor’s backlinks. Backlinks to a webpage tell you who are looking at your site and what is being said by it. While it is essential to prevent negative backlinks to your own website, it is helpful to track your competitors to identify the combinations that work for them and simulate the same in your own website. It also directs you towards potential linking partners and helps you stay ahead of the rest.

4. Focus on Local SEO

Google searches are by default customized to give the users results based on location. This means that if a person types in a search for laundry services or cars to rent, the top results are going to be a list of businesses around the area. This is a very useful tool to highlight your services in the local area and increase business influx. You can achieve this by using the appropriate keywords, include the city or street name, creating content that connects with the local residents, such as a festival in the area, or ensuring that your business details are listed in most of the local online directories.

5. Quick Load your Websites

Studies have shown that slow loading pages fail to engage users, especially on mobile devices, and affect the turnover of the business. Mobile users don’t have the patience for a website to load. Aim to optimize your website so that it loads within 5 seconds.

Ensuring you stick with this checklist helps you stay on top of search results. These aspects have to be monitored frequently to make sure your website is going in the right direction.