Your website is finally up and running. You’ve taken the time and effort to grasp the basics of SEO, and you have search optimized your HR site using tactics like keyword optimization, link building, and responsive design. Yet, in spite of all your efforts, your HR website still hasn’t ranked at the top of search results.

Without a doubt, it is frustrating. If your HR site ranks on the relevant searches, you can attract clients to your business. If not, you’ve invested time and money into a website that is not giving you returns.

When your HR site is not ranking on the first search result page, it’s time to take your SEO to the next level.

Check with Google

The first thing you need to do is check if Google has indexed your website. If your website is fairly new on the web, Google may not have indexed it yet.

Google Your Site

Use Google to search for your site. Be specific and conduct your search as shown below:


Use the Search Console

If your website does not show up on the search, proceed to use the Google Search Console. On the search console, you will find – Google Index/Index Status. Index Status would provide information on the web pages that have been indexed.

Your Website is Blacklisted

A common mistake among amateur search optimizations is that it is too aggressive. This can lead to Black-Hat SEO techniques, which gets your website blacklisted. This further leads to your website being pulled off the search index. If your HR site is blacklisted, Google may have sent you a message on Google Webmaster.

List your website with Google

If your website is fairly new, check your robots.txt file and ensure you haven’t blocked Google crawlers from accessing your site. You can use the robots.txt Tester. You can also manually submit your website URL to Google.

If your website has used black hat SEO techniques, then you need to tweak your search optimization.

Look at your Keywords Optimization Again

You may have made several mistakes with your keyword optimization.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers to over-loading a page with too many keywords. Because you have stuffed a page with keywords, the quality of content has been diluted. Place keywords on your page organically and don’t put too many.

Don’t Target the Highest Volume Keywords

You may have targeted keywords that have the highest search volume, such as human resources and human resource services. However, for a new website, getting ranked on keywords with the highest search volume is difficult. Rather, it is advised that you first rank on keywords lower down the scale with medium or low search volumes such as talent acquisition specialist.

The problem with the highest search volume keywords is that it has tough competition as there are many sites that are trying to rank for it. By opting for medium or low volume keywords, you reduce the competition and increase the chance of your website appearing on the first page.

Content is King

More than keywords, the content on your website is highly important. Ultimately, it is content which tells your visitors that you have the information or service that want. Google has various metrics that judges the quality of content and the search engine has time and again stated that content quality is one of the most important factors to appear on the first page of a result.

Have Good Quality Content

The quality of your content needs to be top-notch. Tone, style and grammar need to be on par with professional content. As a human resource service, your clients are in professional industries. They expect an informative, crisp and authoritative tone.

Build a Resource Center

Your HR website needs to become a resource center/ a go-to site for all things HR/ a one-stop shop for any information on HR. How can you do that?

Cover all the Services

Ensure that your website covers all the HR services possible. Provide information on what each service entails and includes.


Through regular blogging, you create a strong HR resource base of interesting tips, insights and information for your audience. A blog shouldn’t be long, which makes it an ideal platform for your audience to get information quickly.

In-depth Resources

You can offer unique and in-depth information to your audience through whitepapers and research papers. This could include whitepapers, guides, manuals, and HR policy tips. You could also conduct surveys and offer your audience unique information which can’t be found elsewhere.

Building a resource center directly ties in with making content king and gives a big boost to your website.

Increase your Traffic

The traffic to your website is probably the most important metric for Google to judge whether your website deserves to be on the first result page. As your website receives more traffic, it tells Google that your page is relevant to your audience. Hence, you must increase your web traffic.

Social Media

Maintain a presence across social media platforms. You can post links of your blogs and papers to attract followers to your HR site.

Email Marketing

Through a leads form, your visitors can share their email address. This way, you can send them emails of your latest blog, paper or business offers to bring them to your site.

Online Marketing

If you are willing to spend, you can run a Pay-Per-Click Campaign on search engine and social media platforms to increase traffic.

Link Building

Link building is a big part of search engine optimization. There are two parts to it.

  1. One is where your website connects with domains by adding their links to your site.

  2. The second is where other domains link to your site by inserting your URLs on their site.

Most search optimizations gets the first part right as adding other domain links to your site is easy. However, the second part is much more challenging as it requires you to go out of your way to ensure that other websites have your link.

When other domains have your HR website link, they tell Google that your website is an authority website. Here’s how you can improve your link building.

Register on Business Directories

Ensure that your HR website is registered on quality web directories.

Exchange Offer

Reach out to similar websites and offer to add their link to your site if they add yours.

Resource Center

By building a resource center, over-time websites and users will refer and link your website.

Allow Others to Share your Content

Allow other websites and people to share your content as along as they link back to your original post.

Be Patient

Finally, the last piece of advice is this: be patient. Search engine optimization is a process which is never over. It can take as much as 6 months to a year for your website to get a good SEO rank.

What matters is that you constantly work on it. Good search engine optimization is never about quick results.

Just because your HR site has not ranked on the first page of search results does not mean that all your effort, time and money has gone to waste. You just need to keep at it. Utilize the SEO tactics mentioned in this post and continue the process of search engine optimization for your HR website.