There are a number of automotive dealers who spend a large amount of money on marketing practices towards consumers who have no intention of buying. Millennial consumers (18-30 years) who you should be targeting as a car dealership are hooked onto the internet and that is where a good amount of your marketing budget should be spent. The internet is a very interactive medium for car dealerships to exploit and bring in new customers which otherwise are oblivious to their existence. Here is what you can do to improve SEO for your website to feature higher in Google’s search results.

Expose your assets

According to reports, 80% of all new car purchasers start from a search engine. Google is the undisputed king of search engines and so you should be targeting it to feature in the top most results when a user queries for car dealerships. For search engines to find you better, you need to put out everything you have on your website. Images and videos of cars, spares, new and used inventory, accessories anything that is crawlable (detected by search engines). Update this information regularly with new models coming in.

Aim for Local SEO

You should never forget that the consumer base you want to target is the one living in your city. Your SEO campaign should majorly focus on local SEO and aim to feature in the first page results when a consumer queries the search engine for local services. To strengthen your local SEO presence, register your business with all local services that all major search engines have such as Google Places and Yahoo Local. Register your business with local listing websites like Yellow PagesYelp and City Search.

Add reviews

What most online consumers search for these days are expert reviews on car models and as car dealers you are in the best position to write them. Make sure when you add assets on your website there are accompanying reviews for that product. If possible customise your website for users to add reviews along with expert reviews, if not then just simple a comment section can make up for it. Valuable content is what will build your reputation with the search engine and also with your customers.

Videos are good

Internet and social media are a visual media and what better than videos to attract more attention. You can greatly affect your site traffic if you have informative videos on car care, accessory information and video reviews.

Make use of social media

Do not forget to get yourself some social media real estate with pages and communities on popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and LinkedIn. Start a blog and link it to your website. Post some valuable content regularly which can be picked up by search engines. Infographics get shared easily on social media, start making one now.

Make sure you have a healthy website

Finally, make sure your website is in a healthy condition. It wouldn’t make sense if your SEO works just fine and brings in traffic, but your website takes too much time to load. It is not only a put off for your users but you might also get cold shouldered by search engines.

Remember, to get best results, your SEO content shouldn’t make you sound like a car salesman, but as a person sharing valuable information. Checkout our next generation automotive marketing solution for dealers: Rapid Boost Dealer