Last Episode #  ➡️ Speed Matters

✅ Today’s fastest growing brands have this secret when it comes to how they design and build their services, experiences and products.

And, that is …” Consumer Compassion ”

They just show empathy, they design products and services which has taken consumer compassion into account.

Cabs and Taxis existed before, but Uber keeping consumer experience in mind which was super inconvenient and inefficient. They streamined the whole process, made it super easy and fast…..This is consumer compassion, where your products, services and experiences are designed keeping consumers in mind and they are very important.

Compassion in the time of need

E-mails from GEICO, my auto insurance company, started to arrive just hours after Charley left the state. “Our goal has been to inspect every damaged car and resolve every claim more quickly than our customers thought was possible under these circumstances,” one message read. “We hope that you did not suffer any harm as a result of Charley. If, though, you need to report a claim, please call us. We are always here for you.”

Compassion is the key to creating new generation products, services and experiences that will actually make users happy, and it’s designed keeping their experience in mind.




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