Anyone in the restaurant business will tell you that running a restaurant is not just about cooking food. That is something you leave to the chefs in the kitchen. Marketing and sales is a huge part of running a restaurant or food business. It is what gets people to walk through the restaurant doors, sit down and order.

One of the tools that you have on hand is customer profiling. Any business is going to reach out to multiple types of customers. If are able to identify them, you can optimize your marketing, prices, menu and customer service to appeal to them.

So here’s how you create an accurate customer profile for your restaurant.


First up are the demographics. Demographics include gender, age, income, marital status, educational background and occupation.


Where do your customers live? Not just the location, but what kind of home do they live in?

Social Structure

Basic social information on the person’s family, children and friends.


This will give you information on your customer’s personality type. You need to list down the customer’s interest, hobbies, likes, dislikes, what food he likes, what sports he watches, who his favorite team is, etc.


Identify any behavior patterns of your customers. Could be anything from the way they eat, the way the payment is made or just their general behavior.


Where are the places your customers hang out at? From competitor restaurants, to the malls to the clubs, find them out. And don’t forget to know where they are present online.

Any basic customer profile covers all these points. How do you get the information? The simplest and most direct way is through surveys. You can have online and offline surveys (the best offline survey place – your restaurant). You also observe. Do you find more family or friends groups entering your restaurant? Can you tell by their clothing whether they are college going, employed, or entrepreneurs? What do you hear them talk about?

Every little detail that you add to your customer profile, no matter how meaningless, will help you in the future.

Create a Map

Don’t let all this information gather dust. Create a map to help you understand your customers. It can be something as simple as this.

Customer Type Demographic Behavior Pain/Risk
College going Customers Age: 18-22
Gender: Both
Prefer the wholesome meals which are light on the pocket Wants to try the other dishes, but is stopped by the price
Employed Customers Age: 21-25

Gender: Both

Prefers to come during the weekends Wished that the restaurant delivered food

Similarly, make a table with your customer profiles, detailing all the various segments. Pain areas just show places that you can improve on for that customer type.


It is vital that at least every 6 months, if not every year, you update the customer profiles. This way you have an accurate and up-to date information to make the right decision.

Consistency is Key

Yes, each and every customer is different on their own, and it can be difficult to put them under one customer profile, but it is important to have a consistent customer profiles. If you don’t, then you will find your restaurant’s goals changing too quick and too often. That is not a good marketing strategy.

So start making your own customer profile and improve your restaurant accordingly because if you don’t know who you want to sell to how will you market them. 

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