On-Demand Services or Products Apps like Airbnb

Airbnb and other apps which are widely used by customers all over the world. At Rapid Boost, we harness the concept of Airbnb and craft applications that will help you use an exceptional software to effortlessly and effectively cater services or products to customers. These apps can be built for Car Rental companies, Home Rentals, Equipment Rentals, Hotels etc.

Our 100% customizable mobile apps are crafted to suit rental businesses of all kinds. Whether you want to provide rentals for boats, workspaces, retail spaces, parking and more, our app development services will build a smartphone app that will perfectly fit all your business requirements. Reach a wide customer base and watch the scope of your business rapidly grow.

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We have made the process of developing a world-class smartphone application a hassle-free task for you. Key components that comprise the terrific app were put together in one complete package. Our tailor-made app solutions will help you create a perfect virtual medium, connecting businesses with customers without any hassle.

Other applications of this kind of an app. Finding parking spaces, be it for two-wheelers or four-wheelers can be cumbersome. Whereas with an Airbnb for parking app, customers can view vacant parking lots and book them for a specified time period. Admins will receive earnings from parking listing and booking fees. Another application: Camping gears can be expensive. Customers can rent them instead of buying them. Our custom app development solutions offer a comprehensive app – an Airbnb for camping gears in which a wide catalog of camping equipment can be browsed through and rented.

Music studies or event rental spaces: Offer a plethora of music recording, mixing and mastering services to singers, musicians, directors and more with a robust Airbnb for music studio app. They can find nearby music studios to hire on an hourly basis. Develop a mobile software today.


Why choose Rapid Boost for your next software and mobile app project?

100% Customizable

Be able to fully redesign and change every minute detail of your Uber for X app to meet your business requirements.

Revenue Models

Choose from a range of business models with which you can general profits.

Responsive Support

From the time you discuss your app idea with us and even after launching the software, we will provide technical support.

Launch Quickly

We help you organize your ideas, plan, develop and launch your application in no time.

Simple Scaling

Scale up your app according to the growth of your business at any time.