Ep 114 of  Business Growth School  for service providers

Welcome to daily 5-minute Business Growth lessons for service providers. Are you a Dentist, Realtor, Lawyer, Accountant, Plumber, Consultant or Contractor….If you provide services locally than this podcast is for you. Here we share strategies, tricks, techniques on how to generate leads, grow your revenue and sales.

Join us every day for 5 minutes and take away strategies which you can apply in your business.




Step # 1: Email Outreach

Email Template for local service providers [ Furnace company]


Hey [potential referral partner],

[If it’s your client] I’m so glad you’re happy with the new [furnace / air conditioning / garage heater etc.]. I’m extremely passionate about what I do, so knowing you’re happy made my day.


[If you met at a networking event] I’m so glad we connected at Chamber event yesterday. I believe that we can work together and help each other grow. 


Actually, it’s because of this, that I was wondering if I could ask your help in something…

It’s my goal to help as many clients as I can to reduce their energy bills and breath healthy air. So I was wondering if you knew of any other clients who could use my help?

I know how much people hate getting “cold called,” so if anyone comes to mind, do you think you could just send my website their way with a few kind words and ask them to contact me?

I’d be extremely grateful.

And of course, as your friends, they’d get the royal treatment.

Also, as a more concrete way of saying thanks, I’d love to give you [insert some kind of gift here: % discount, free furnace cleaning, etc.] for every person who ends up hiring me.

It’s just a small token of appreciation, as referrals are one of the biggest things that keep me afloat.

Anyways, once again I’m glad you’re so happy, and I can’t wait until our next project together.



Step # 2 Tracking & Meeting The Goals

What you may not have realized is that you can exponentially increase the number of referrals you get, dramatically increasing your client base, by doing one simple thing — learning how to consistently follow referral marketing strategy. This system below will help you stay on target and track your results.







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