Despite not enjoying an impressive command over the social media community, Google+ does include elements that provide companies measurable value, especially in increasing organic traffic. According to Scott Langdon, Partner at, ‘Google is making changes to its algorithms and how it ranks web pages with the goal of pushing people away from tactical SEO behavior toward a more strategic approach.’

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Here are some reasons why being on Google+ would be beneficial to your business.

1. Personalized touch

One way Google helps to rank your business organically is by using a personalized search. When someone logs into their Google account, the target results will be catered to their interests than when they are logged out.

2. Local service

It is preferable to have a Google+ Local profile page because it adds you automatically to the local circles. This brings you to the forefront of local search engine results and helps users discover your local company or service immediately. Additionally, your business information can be easily pulled up from your Google+ Local page and linked back to the user’s keywords search results.

3. Indexing and ranking

Because Google’s own search bots service their own social network activity optimally by actively searching through each posts, it is easier to search for content posted on Google+ rather than on Twitter or Facebook. In addition to this, the posts are also indexed and ranked in Google’s own search pages which may extensively add to the value of your content.

4. Google+ hangouts

Online videos are an essential SEO attraction; Google+ Hangouts lets you record and upload videos for free. It is also a great place for users to assemble and share similar content, thereby making it beneficial for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and clients. Although these videos are not usually shown on Google’s search results, you can move it to YouTube will which get them ranked.

5. Be on the Map

A rising trend among Google users is adding a query on Google Maps. For example: pizza places nearby.

Getting yourself on Google+ is fantastic way to ensure that Google notes down your business’ address and indexes it on the map. It greatly increases your chances of appearing on Google Map query.

6. More Focus on Google+

Every new update by Google makes Google+ more important. It is a social media index which the Google will search through on every query. The more details you add on your Google+ account, the better Google+ will be able to see if you account or your page has anything relevant to the query.

The competition in the SEO world is very cutting edge and to make sure you are the top of the game, you need to keep up to date with the latest news in search engine analytics and harness the untapped media resources to market your business. Even though Google+ may not be as popular amongst users as Twitter or Facebook, their online communities provide the most lucrative business for SEO specialists.