The general rubric that defines Off-page SEO is having links. In the earlier days, sharing each other’s links on irrelevant sites was a rampant practice that did not settle well with Google’s mission to organize information in a useful and accessible form. This was not of much use to the users and Google has since discouraged such practices. Another practice that was born in its wake was the offer to guest blog. Earlier, it was a respectable way to share a different perspective or specific content while at the same time propagating your site. But as with anything used in excess, guest blogging as a successful off-page SEO tactic turned in indiscriminate spamming and lowered the quality of content, thus making it a less viable method of increasing site traffic.


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How can we improve off-page SEO?

There is no easy way to make other people read and share your site links other than the very obvious one – create good quality and relevant content. Additionally, this is one practice that Google approves and encourages. They want you to stop bartering or buying links or looking for loopholes so that you can generate links.

Instead, Google wants you to build on the dynamic nature of the web by encouraging linking naturally, where other people will share your site links because they find your content valuable and think that it would be helpful for their visitors. They want you to build your online marketing strategy that depends less on ‘how to make your site look more popular to the search engines’ and more on ‘how to create content that people are looking for and that have useful information that searchers will like and share’.

Earning natural links proves to be a huge benefit, especially when it comes to Google’s constantly changing search algorithms. It not only ensures that more people read and follow your posts, but also that more webmasters will back link to your posts – this is as good a win-win situation as it gets.

The boon and bane of guest blogging

– If you are incorporating too many guest blogs, especially ones with low quality or irrelevant content, you are hanging out in bad company that is soon to bring down your site’s traffic.

– However, if you are being smart about this, guest blogging can continue to help you build your network and increase your site’s rankings.

– Some tips to keep in mind when guest blogging is to keep the guest posts to a minimum and only include posts from, or write for, reputable sites and authors.

– Always endeavor to create new content and do not repeat posts on multiple sites.

So aim to have Good Quality Content Always

– Interesting: It has to be interesting. You are not writing a Wikipedia page. Write it in a way that connects to your audience.

– Grammar: Typos, terrible sentence structures and half-eaten sentences just spoil the flow of reading and make it difficult for a reader to go.

– Arrange information in Bullets: The best way to give out information in an article is to note it down in points. It allows your readers to give a quick glance through.

Content has always been and always will be king. Never let your content quality drop.