LinkedIn can help your business in innumerable ways:

  1. Professional Social Media Platform

Currently, LinkedIn does not have any competition – it is the sole social media platform that is meant for networking between professionals. It boasts of 450 million professionals. According to a report by the Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used social platforms by business owners. Many of these professionals are part of your target audience. They could be business owners, managers, rising entrepreneurs, and many of them are looking for help.

  1. Have an Accessible Brand

Having a presence online is a must in today’s market. This ranges from having a website to social media pages, including LinkedIn. LinkedIn adds to the authenticity of your business coaching brand. It is simply an effective way to prove that you exists and that you are a business coach.

  1. Shows you understand Social Media

Just having a LinkedIn page is not sufficient, you must use LinkedIn in all its features and its glory. This simply showcases that you are able to keep up to the modernities of the world. This includes having all the details of your account filled out from background to experience to projects to skills. You should also have an active profile to provide insightful information to your followers.


The profile of Charles E. Gaudet II is an excellent example of how a good LinkedIn business coaching profile should look like.

  1. Present your Experience

LinkedIn allows you to list all the projects that you have worked on. Do so. This allows you to showcase the various industries you have worked in. As a business coach, you may work with clients on a range of industries. Posting your experience tells any potential client that you can help them regardless of the industry they are in.

  1. Recommendations

LinkedIn has a feature for recommendations, which is equivalent to testimonials. It is a fantastic way for former clients to vouch for your business coaching. Ensure you get your clients to write a recommendation for you.

You want clients to give you specific recommendations so that anyone who reads through is able to easily grasp how you have helped clients.

  1. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership solidifies your business coach brand as a one that knows what it means to be a business coach. You showcase your vast array of knowledge to the world.

LinkedIn is a platform built for content as such and it provides you the tools to become a thought leader.

Apart from frequently having posts, you can also have long form post.

Long form posts allow you to have content that can really pull in readers. You provide in-depth content that provides insightful information to your audience that they have not read or thought before.

Thought leadership is important because your business coach brand is one that brings real value to anyone that avails of its service.

  1. Build a funnel

In essence, what you want to do on LinkedIn is build a funnel that pulls in potential clients.

You attract users on LinkedIn to interact and approach you for your business coaching services.

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform and there is none like it. It can be used to leverage your brand, generate interest and attract potential clients to you.

LinkedIn also has a ton of other features that should be used.

Be in the Groups

Professionals should  join niche and targeted groups on LinkedIn. These groups have queries and discussions by members. You can leverage your know-how, answer queries, take part in discussions, and make your presence be felt. It is also an excellent way to have a narrow focus on a particular audience. For example, for one month you can focus on software startup groups and the next, you can focus on product startup groups, this way each group can really feel your presence, rather you spreading it out thin.

Curate Content

Of course, you are extremely busy and posting original content frequently is next to impossible. No worries. LinkedIn actually encourages you to share interesting content and posts that you have come across. This is an effective way to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is not dead and your followers continue to read interesting content.

Ensure you are using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.