Last Episode #  🇨🇦 Ditch The Old Way of Targeting Your Potential Clients…. 🚀Understand the Difference to Improve Your Marketing Efforts          
👨‍💻👩‍💻 Production Vs Perfection 📲💻 📊📈 Perfection is a productivity killer. As LinkedIn cofounder said if you are not embarrased by the first version of your product then you are too late…because by the time you come up with beta version your competitor is on version 2.0 📉 In many cases, though, the biggest challenge isn’t financial. It’s psychological: The company’s leadership is so afraid they’ll make a mistake that they wind up doing NOTHING. Or when they do bring themselves to publish something, the content comes out so sporadically their activities have no impact. Produce….dont go into analysis paralysis ➡️
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