PPC and ice hockey have more in common if you sit down for a moment and think about it. Oh, and I have thought about it a lot…. like really a lot… you’ll see what I mean soon. So, coming back to the point – if you’ve been having a tough time figuring out PPC after crossing from one end of the ice rink and back, well, you’ve come to the right article. Ice hockey has plenty of jargons, so don’t let ‘PPC’ bog you down. PPC simply stands for Pay Per Click and here are a few things you need to know about it.

Get on Top – Fast and Quick

Hockey is a pretty competitive sport and if you don’t stay on top and keep up that momentum, it can get really tough. Edmonton Oilerswere the hottest stuff on the ice rink and the NHL back in the day. However, they lost momentum and they lost all those top spots. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an organic way of getting to the topic of a search engine. It’s time consuming, and just like the league board, your website has plenty of competitors to beat before it gets top SEO rank.

PPC helps you get up and keep that top spot in online search results. PPC allows you to pay some money and get to the top at least temporarily. Much likewhat’s going to happen when Canada legalizes betting in sports!

Strong Bench Players

A good ice hockey team is one that has good bench players. They are the ones who will skate in and give the team a big boost by jump-starting an offense that breaks through the opponent team, anddddddhe scoooorrees!

In PPC, your bench players are keywords. Have an excellent form of keyword research and tap into the right ones that:

– You’re audience is using

– Helps you beat or circumvent the competition

Ensure you are using Close Variants (synonym keywords) and Negative Keywords (keywords you don’t want searches to include) to narrow down their audience as much as possible.

Have a Reason

Every team in the NHL moves taking into consideration tactical and strategically advantage. At times, drawing a game is more than enough to get above.

When you run your PPC campaign, have a good reason for doing it, not because you just felt like it. The best reason is when you have a discount offer on the product you’re offering. PPC is only good if you’re able to offer something different from all those competitors on a search engine result. Being on the top through PPC is not enough.

Perfect your Game Plan

Every game plan created for the ice rink is only as good as the amount of practice given. If PPC is something new to you, you have to practice before you are able to perfect a PPC campaign that is successful.

– You may find that being on top doesn’t get your ad clicks – The ad copy needs to be changed so that reader is convinced to click on it.

– You could have many visitors through your PPC ad, but few ever stay for over a minute – A landing page is needed to convince your readers that this is the product they’re searching for.

Stick to the Game Plan

When the game is on, the best way on the ice rink is to stick to a game plan that has been practiced over and over. You’ll hear plenty of coaches screaming, “Stick to the game plan” during the game.

Sticking to game plan can be difficult. Since you will be getting real-time analytical data about your PPC ad, you’ll get a dozen thoughts everyday to change the ad copy or the keywords or the title or the offer – all in the hopes of improving those clicks and traffic.

Stick to the PPC campaign you started. Think hard and long before you make in any changes to it.

Never Underestimate the Competition

That’s what happened to Edmonton Oilers. In the late 1990s, they took things easy and lost the momentum, lost their players and underestimated the competition. Unfortunately, they’re still struggling to get back on their feet. I’m sure they want to time machine to rewind this back right now!

There is constant competition in PPC. You’ll find it in the keyword auction, and as you business grows in popularity, competitors will try to capitalize on your business’s name as a keyword. So, don’t hesitate to include your business name as a keyword in your PPC campaigns. Stay one step ahead of them. Always Google analyze your competitors’ websites to see what they’re up to.

Go over the Data

The amount of videos, data and stats a coach and his team run through is a massive before they come up with the game plan.

With PPC, you have Google Analytics that helps you keep track of your PPC campaign and even your competitors. It can provide valuable insights into how you can defeat them and gain more customers.

The pressure is on, whether in the ice rink or online. Leverage your PPC correctly and you can beat your competitors and keep gaining new customers on your website.