The world we live in is consumed with mobile technology and 8.2 billion hand held mobile devices are expected to be active by 2018. So how do you begin to build businesses success upon this? First you need to become familiar with the mobile consumer and Vouchercloud has brought vital data to the table that will help you understand the mobile consumer and commerce world interaction.

Their data graphic on the “Portrait Of A Mobile Consumer” below looks into a number of areas of importance. Firstly it looks at cloud and mobile data, and how 90% of mobile traffic will come from cloud applications in 2018. Secondly, it looks at mobile commerce and how this currently is and how it will develop. Mobile commerce has many services that range from mobile banking, mobile entertainment, mobile marketing to mobile shopping. They are all crucial to business success and will always be whether your business is large orsmall. Mobile users are increasing by the day and as this happens so must your business tactics.

You must be able to offer a range of goods and services that is accessible to all. As well as mobile technologies social media marketing is still a powerful tool. The data graphic explains how businesses bridge the gap to capture more consumers and as you will see this is important to maintain as already there are 1.23 billion active Facebook users and catering to them and their lifestyle environment well is the future of success.

Credit: Data graphic produced by Vouchercloud

Portrait of Mobile Consumer