Creating and distributing your content across several digital platforms is known as content marketing. If you want to establish your plumbing brand on digital platforms, grow your customer base, and increase sales, then you should start with content marketing. Moreover, content marketing is beneficial from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, engaging with your audience on social media, and also carrying out different ad campaigns in the digital universe. In other words, content marketing is a must if you consider digital marketing for your plumbing or HVAC services. If you are unaware about how to start with content marketing for plumbers or HVAC technicians, then here are a few tips to help you out.


Define Your Goals

Before you begin with content marketing, you need to set your business goals. Defining your business goals will help you answer what you can do with content marketing. Based on your goals, you need to create a content marketing strategy accordingly. Some of the common goals include increasing awareness about your plumbing or HVAC firm, increasing customer brand loyalty, generating leads, increasing web traffic, educating customers about your services, etc. Defining your goals will help you quantify your results and also plan your budget for content marketing. For example, your goal can be increasing social media engagement on Facebook by 2% for the next three months. Accordingly, you need to decide how much content pieces you would require and the cost of producing them.

Identify Your Audience

Not everyone in the online world is your audience. Being in the wrong geography or wrong age might disqualify from being part of your audience. Hence, you cannot market your services to everyone. You need to choose a specific target to promote your plumbing and HVAC services. By knowing your target audience, you can create relevant and valuable content that they are interested in. Thus, focusing on your target helps you to pitch your plumbing or HVAC services better and also, prevents wasting your time and money on the irrelevant audience. If you have different target groups, then you can create content for each of these groups and promote them accordingly. For example, if you cater to both individual consumers and businesses, then you can create separate content for both these groups. In the case of individual consumers, you may provide residential plumbing services and accordingly alter the tone and language of your content that best fits them.

Analyze Your Current Situation


Analyze your current situation with respect to your SEO rank, social media engagement, and determine what needs to be improved. Moreover, it will help you to know whether you have sufficient capabilities and resources to execute your content marketing strategy. If not, then you may have to either consider hiring skilled people or outsource your content marketing to a professional firm. Also, you can check what kind of content (if any) in the past got more traffic to your website or good engagement on social media channels. This will help you plan your future content.

Creating Content

You can create content in the form of images, videos, blogs, etc. Images and videos tend to get a better engagement, especially on social media platforms. In fact, you can have pictures of some of the quality plumbing work that you have done. Make sure that these pictures are high-quality images. At the same time, you can have some funny images as well to boost your social media engagement. When it comes to videos and blogs, you can educate your audience regarding various topics such as “tips to maintain your drainage system”, “choosing the right HVAC system for your homes”, “x things to know whether your HVAC system needs repair”, etc. Apart from educating your target, it also helps establish you as a professional plumbing firm.

Your content should be created keeping in mind your company goals. If you want to increase brand awareness, then your reader should be interested in knowing who created this content once he has consumed it. If you want to increase lead generation, then your content should be sales-oriented. For this purpose, you need to convey to your reader that you are the best plumber or the best HVAC technician around. Similarly, to increase your social media engagement, you need to create content that is engaging and casual. Here again, your goals define the cost of content as well. If you want to provide educational content, then you need to provide detailed information. So the word count for your blogs would increase. Similarly, your video content has to be longer. The longer the length of your content, the more will be the cost.

Promoting Content

Your content is useless if it is not distributed to your target audience. Therefore, promote your content with the help of multiple digital platforms such as social media, SEO, and online advertising. When you post your content on social media pages, it helps get more people to know about your services. If you have a good number of followers on different social media channels, then it helps increase awareness of your plumbing brand. In fact, when people find your content useful, they may share it or tag their friends who are in need of your services. This way, your post gets maximum exposure. Ensure you post social media content on a regular basis for increasing engagement and keeping your company page on top of their newsfeed. However, managing multiple social media channels every day is a time-consuming task. Therefore, it is recommended that you make use of social media tools to schedule your content in advance.


Another organic way to promote your content is to upload plumbing or HVAC service blogs on your website. You need to create SEO-friendly content that will help you improve your website ranking. For this purpose, you need to add keywords that your target audiences use in search engine query. However, adding a few keywords for one blog posts may not be sufficient to boost your website ranking. You need to constantly work on creating multiple blogs focused on a specific keyword. Therefore, you need to create and upload blogs periodically.

The quickest way to promote your content is through advertisement. You can advertise content on social media, search engines or other digital media such as YouTube, etc. For a plumbing and HVAC firm, advertising on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is highly recommended. Each social media channel has a different way of targeting their respective users. If you have never started created ad campaigns on social media, then it’s best you take help of a professional social media advertising firm. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you rank your website on the first page of search results for specific keywords that you choose. SEM is an excellent way to generate leads for your plumbing and HVAC services. However, you need to be careful while managing your ad campaign on search engines. Any mistakes with respect to setting the bid price, adding or removing keywords, geo-targeting, etc. can make your campaign ineffective. Moreover, you may even lose out on some dollars. Thus, unless you have a clear knowledge about SEM, you should consult a professional PPC management firm.

In order to enhance your content marketing efforts, it is important that you measure your performance. Measuring your performance helps you to make necessary corrections and improvise your content marketing strategy. Now that you are aware of how to start with content marketing for plumbers and HVAC technicians, then you should consider using it to achieve your company goals. Although content marketing is a continuous and a time-consuming process, you cannot do away without it as long as you are using digital media. In fact, in the time to come, the use of content marketing is only going to increase. Therefore, it’s best that you start with it right away and stay ahead of the competition. For any help or more information related content marketing for plumbers or HVAC technicians, contact an expert content marketing firm.

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