Search Engine Optimization for Plumbers

Off-page SEO factors refer to all the activities that you do outside your plumbing website so that your website gets featured for relevant keywords such as plumbing services, plumber, plumber services in Edmonton or any other local city etc. When users search for plumbing services, they are more likely to click on a plumbing website that gets featured on the first page of search results.

To get your plumbing website ranked on top of search results, you need to consider both the on-page and off-page SEO factors. However, firms often give more importance to the on-page SEO elements and tend to neglect the off-page SEO elements. If you have not started with off-page optimization, then here’s a list of some off-page SEO techniques that you must use to get more web traffic and enhance your plumbing website’s rank on search results as well.


1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and provide information to your readers. Blog about the plumbing services you offer and educate your audience. When you provide valuable information, you will see an increase in your web traffic. If readers like your blogs, they may share on social platforms and hence, you will receive more visitors on your plumbing website. However, if writing blogs isn’t your strong point, then it is recommended you consult an expert content marketing firm to help you out.

Make sure you keep blogging on a constant basis. This will help you keep your posts updated, plus visitors will keep returning to your website. Moreover, fresh content ensures that search engines bots crawl your website more frequently. As a result, you get a higher rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

2. Social Bookmarking

To promote your plumbing website, start with social bookmarking. You can submit your content to some popular bookmarking websites. Some of them include DeliciousStumbleUponDiggRedditSlashdotTechnoratiDiigo, etc. Once you bookmark your webpage or blog post on these websites, you attract a high traffic to that particular webpage or blog post. Usually, the content available on these social bookmarking websites are up to the mark and so, search engines crawl through these websites regularly. So, there is a higher chance that your web traffic increases. However, do not make the mistake of relentlessly spamming social bookmarking websites. It will not make your SEO efforts any better. Lastly, make use of your tags in order to increase traffic to your plumbing website.

3. Reviews

The more positive reviews you have about your plumbing services, the more number of people will avail your services. Ask your existing clients and customers to write reviews of your business on websites such as Yelp, Stylefeeder, Google Reviews, etc. In fact, when there are multiple plumbing services displayed in search results, reviews can actually help your prospects click on your website instead of competitors’ website. For instance, there are two plumbing websites. One website has Google reviews and the other does not have any. Which one would you choose? Most often than not, people will click on the one which has positive reviews and the star ratings are on the higher side.

Reviews are also helpful for people to know about the quality of services you offer. Online reviews promote transparency and if you have more positive reviews, it will only increase the number of visitors to your website.

4. Social Media


Social media is not an option for you to choose from. Every business is actively using social media to engage with their followers and grow their business. In fact, you can use social media to enhance the brand image of your plumbing firm. Social media also helps you to maintain your reputation in the online world. You can showcase your expertise by sharing pictures or videos of your projects. Some social media platforms such as Facebook allow users to rate company pages. Moreover, you can share blogs and thus, increase the number of visitors to your plumbing website. When you share blogs, it helps you to get more backlinks to your website. Simultaneously, if your followers find your blogs valuable, they may even share them and so, your social media presence will improve. This way you get more people to visit your website and go through the information that you have provided. Additionally, since your content is valuable, the visitors will spend more time on your website which is a good sign from SEO point of view. The increase in the number of web traffic and the amount of time spend on your website indicates to search engines that your website has relevant information. As a result, search engines will consider ranking your plumbing website higher. Some of the most popular social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. It is recommended that you use at least 3-4 social media platforms to engage with your customers, maintain your online reputation, and get more people to visit your website.

5. Website and Articles Submission

Instead of waiting for search engines to index your website, you can get it indexed by submitting your website to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You do not have to pay any cost for submitting your website.

Similarly, you can submit your articles to any popular article directory such as EzineArticlesHubPagesThe Free LibraryGo Articles, etc. When people search for articles related to plumbing, your articles may show up in the search results. This will help you drive traffic to your website and furthermore, get you some links to your website from other people. Also, when you submit your articles, provide links to your website. Ensure your content is of high-quality and unique so that more people go through your articles. In addition, select the correct category and provide an appealing caption or title to your content.

6. Local Listings

For plumbing services, it is important to get hold of your local audience. If you operate in British Columbia, then it makes no sense to focus on customers living in Nova Scotia. Therefore, get your plumbing website listed in local directories. Also, it is much easier to face competition at a local level than at the national level. When you list your website locally, search engines can easily view your website and get your content. So, when a person living in British Columbia searches for “plumbing services”, your website will be ranked in the search results. Similarly, if a person types “plumbing services in British Columbia”, then your website will be featured in the search results as well. Therefore, submit your website to Google Local ListingYahoo Local ListingsYellow Pages, etc. to get locals to visit your website.

7. Forum Posting

You can also demonstrate your skills and expertise by posting on online forums and discussion board. In fact, you can create a discussion board within your website itself. However, it is recommended you get involved in the ones that are already available. Ensure that your comments or replies answer to the questions that are being asked. For example, if someone asks “what are some solutions to water drainage problems?”, then provide them the necessary steps to solve their problem. In the end, you can always recommend contacting a professional to fix their problem since they may not have the right equipment and the skills to solve their problem. Moreover, when you are a part of any discussion, see to it that you have some really good points to discuss. When you give your views or answer questions try using “Do-Follow” forums which allow you to add links in your comments and posting signatures. This will get you more backlinks to your website. So, if a person clicks on your link, he will be directed to your website. Furthermore, it helps search engines to crawl your website easily.


Participate in forums that are related to the services you offer. Make a connection with people in that community by replying to threads and providing suggestions. Some common “Do-Follow” forums are AddThisChronicleFlickr: The Help Forum, etc.

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8. Link Baiting

In order to get more people to link your website, you need to create unique and high-quality content. If you produce such content, then people may want to link to your posts. Likewise, if you have used another website’s post on your website, then add their website link as the source or reference. If you add links to other websites, make sure that others do the same for you provided your content is reliable and unique. More links to your website indicate to search engines that you have some really good piece of information and so, they push your website’s rank on top of SERPs.

9. Video Sharing

If you create any videos, then share them on video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. You can post videos of plumbing tricks and hacks so that people can fix some common plumbing problems that they experience. Once you have uploaded your video, give it a proper title, description, tags, and reference links to your website. This is a popular method to get good backlinks since video sharing websites usually have high PR. Moreover, videos keep your visitors interested since they do not have to spend time reading your posts. You can provide detailed information in a creative manner. You can provide links to your website when your video is running or at the end of the video. So, if they find your video interesting and useful, they may click on the links and come to your website. Therefore, apart from getting quality backlinks, you end up getting more visitors on your website.

10. Image Sharing

If you click pictures of your plumbing work, then share them on image sharing websites such as Instagram or Pinterest. This will help you to get more followers on these social media platforms and plus, increase your web traffic. Image sharing websites, allow you to add links on your image together with a proper title, description, and tags. When you share images, be sure that you optimize them with the correct URL and title tag. Check your images before you submit them. You can also post your pictures on other photo sharing websites like FlickrPhoto Bucket, etc.

If there are many competitors who are optimizing their website by carrying out different on-page SEO factors, then you need to do more than just using the on-page SEO factors. This is where conducting off-page SEO techniques can put you ahead of your competition. It is important that you start with these off-page SEO factors not only to boost your ranking but also to ensure that others do not get ahead of you in SERPs rankings. Once you start with these off-page SEO factors, you will understand which of these factors have a greater impact on your SEO. Accordingly, it will help you to decide which off-page techniques you should continue with and which ones you should avoid. Search engine optimization for a plumbing company is more like experimenting and determining what’s best for your plumbing website. It is a continuous process and you need to constantly keep a check on different optimizing elements that you carry out. So, you need to have a dedicated team to look after your SEO efforts. If you lack the right SEO expertise and want to save time, then it is recommended that you consult a professional SEO firm. The professional firm will ensure that your plumbing website is optimized and gets featured for the right keywords on search results.

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