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Consider this situation- you are in an immediate need of a plumber and you do not have any contacts, what would you do? You will take out your smartphone, go to Google, and search for plumbers in your locality. In fact, it is a common trend among people these days to use search engines to find out what they want especially, through their smartphones. Therefore, it becomes essential for firms to have a mobile-friendly website and acquire new clients. For small businesses like plumbing services, you can afford to miss out on even a single customer. Thus, when people search for plumbing services on Google or Bing on their smartphones, your website should feature in the search results. For this purpose, you need to optimize your plumbing website for mobile users. To help you optimize your plumbing website for mobile users, here’s what you should be doing.


Optimize Your Website Speed

One of the major reasons why people will leave your website is because your webpage took time to load. Optimizing your load time is a basic element, you should consider for having a mobile-friendly website. Apart from optimizing the images, you need to minify your website code, reduce redirects, leverage browser caching, compress your CSS, reduce HTTP requests, etc. For more information on how to enhance your page speed, check out how to speed up your firm website.


Optimize Website Design

Your web design should provide with the best user experience. Therefore, you need to consider a plumbing website that has a good responsive web design. Responsive design websites use CSS3 media queries to provide the content for mobile and desktop users by using a fluid grid and a flexible design to automatically adjust to the size of a user’s screen. Since all users use different types of devices, you need to ensure that your website works properly and there is no difficulty in navigating across different webpages. When a user finds it difficult to browse through your plumbing website, they will leave it immediately. Therefore, to prevent high bounce rate for your website, contact a professional web developer to help you create a better mobile-friendly web design.

Additionally, to enhance your user experience, make sure you avoid using flash and pop-ups. The plugin may not be available on your customer’s smartphone. Instead, you can use HTML5 to create any special effects. Also, visitors to your website will be irritated or get annoyed if they have to constantly have to close pop-ups. Lastly, see to it that the buttons on your website are of the appropriate size. A large button may be accidentally clicked often while scrolling. On the other hand, users will find it difficult to click if the buttons are smaller.

Optimize Titles and Meta Descriptions

Keep your meta descriptions as short as possible. Communicate to the audience using a few words without compromising on quality. Mobile devices have a less screen space and so, having long descriptions and titles are of no use. The same goes for your URL as well. Avoid having longer URL addresses.

Use Mobile Redirects

If you have redeveloped your website, make sure to put redirects in place. It will detect when a user is using a mobile device and direct him to a mobile optimized version of your plumbing website. All the mobile users who click on your website link on search engines or manually type your domain name will be directed to your mobile-friendly website only when your redirects are in place.

Use Structure also known as Schema is a specific vocabulary of tags. You can add them to your HTML in order to enhance the way your plumbing webpage is shown in search results. Since there is a limited space available on a mobile screen; a search result with valuable snippet is more likely to get the attention of the users. In fact, you can add a star rating as well. So, when people go through the search results and they find your website with a good star-rating, it may compel them to click on your website link.

To get a review rich snippet, you need to generate code. You can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to generate your own code.

Optimize for Local Search


Optimizing your plumbing website for local search will be very beneficial. In fact, it makes more sense to target locals in your area where you can provide your plumbing services. You cannot expect a person from Ontario calling for plumbing services in Edmonton. Therefore, optimize for local search to drive local traffic to your plumbing website. For this purpose, you need to standardize your brand name, provide your address and contact details, and also include your city and province detail in your website’s metadata. Therefore, when users find your website on search results, they can immediately get your contact details and contact you.

Avoid Unnecessary Content

If your plumbing website has lots of smaller footer links, then you need to rid of this content for mobile users. Due to the small screen size of mobile browsers, it is not convenient for users to click on small items or scroll around on webpages that have lengthy content. Therefore, keep your content short and ensure it is easy to browse in a single column format along with clickable and clearly defined headers.

Reduce the Text Entry

In case some of your users suffer from fat-finger syndrome, it will be difficult for them to type from mobile. Therefore, use dropdown menus, checklists, and pre-populated fields to make it easier for users to enter the data. For example, a person has to provide his contact details and the problem for which he wants to contact you. You can, therefore, have a form where the person will get drop down menus to select his location and problem. The problems can be classified under heating systems, drainage problems, etc. Also, when you provide dropdown menus, it reduces the amount of time a user would take to enter the text as well. Thus, by reducing the text entry, you enhance the user experience.

Follow the above-mentioned points to make sure your website is mobile-optimized. You can also, configure your website that is device-specific by providing dynamic servings or parallel URLs. In fact, if your business is growing rapidly, you may even consider building an app for your plumbing firm. Having a mobile optimized website is necessary for businesses if they want to grow and scale their operations with the help of online marketing. In fact, when you carry ad campaigns or conduct SEO, having a mobile optimized website becomes very useful. So, if you want to get your plumbing website mobile optimized or need more information on how to have a mobile-friendly website, then get in touch with a professional website developing firm to help you out.




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