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Why inbound?

Outbound marketing is throwing an announcement out there for anyone and everyone to see, despite knowing the majority of those exposed to the message may not even be interested. It also has a shorter shelf life. After your advertisement expires, it no longer benefits your business.

Think of inbound marketing as the magnet to acquire the right customer or ideal client as they are looking for you, rather you are looking for them. Outbound tactics include cold calls, billboard ads, commercials, mass e-mail blasts and direct mail, among others, which aim to get attention in a “Look At Us!” kind of way.With inbound marketing, you provide valuable content like whitepapers, infographics and blog posts that help attract your ideal customer. It’s not “selling” in the traditional sense, so it’s more appealing to those who hate the image of the pushy salesman and may feel uncomfortable pushing their message. Also from cost per lead perspective:

Inbound vs outbound



Inbound vs outbound:

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