In this second part of the two series blog covering Pay-Per-Lead, we address the most important questions raised in the first part of the blog series: 

How Is Rapid Boost Marketing Pay-Per-Lead different from others? 


But, before that, a quick trip down the memory lane regarding the beginning of Pay-Per-Lead in Rapid Boost Marketing.

A Worthy Beginning

Rapid Boost Marketing started with Pay-Per-Lead Marketing in 2018 for our dental clients. We then launched the 24 hours dental, plumbing and electric website that extended our Pya-Per-Lead hold on different industries. And by 2020, Rapid Boost Marketing was a strong pillar that businesses leaned upon during the worst-hit period. 

In 2020 Rapid Boost Marketing added 110+ new PPL clients to our growing success stories. 

A Look At Our Process

Hello! Is It We You’re Looking For?

Our dedicated sales team is our frontline heroes. When you reach out to us to inquire more about our services, like pay-per-lead, our sales executives will answer all your questions, provide you with all the information, pricing etc. We are aware that not every business that talks to us know what they are looking for. When you talk to our sales team, they will help you learn more about our services and understand the best fit for you. We strive for excellence with honesty. Rapid Boost Marketing will never sell a service or package that is futile or overpriced. 

Moreover, before you make your final decision to hire us, get all your queries answered by the sales team. If gaining your confidence, giving you the confront takes more than one call, we are happy to oblige. We value relationships more than anything. 

Meeting Your Cheerleaders

Now that you’re confident of joining us, we then move to the next stage, where your sales contact will arrange for a “Kick-Off Call” with one of our Project Managers and Account Managers. At Rapid Boost Marketing, we have a dedicated team for each of our clients. Yes! So on the kick-off call, you meet your team, who will focus on your project and your success. 

We Over Communicate

Once the kick-off is complete, you are onboarded on our internal communication portal and receive regular communications and team updates. The updates include detailed reports related to your project; we will also share an AI-driven SEO strategy report with you.

A Monthly meeting takes place between you and your Account Manager. You discuss reports, plan a future strategy, and most importantly, all the leads are verified by your account manager, and you pay for the genuine leads. Oh yes, we share the leads report with you as well. Transparency is an integral part of our work culture. 

What’s On Your Menu?

Search engine optimization | Paid Media advertising | Social media marketing | Blogs | Landing pages/Website redesign | Email campaign 

And Voila

Now we get to the part where we ensure our “phone keeps ringing.”

Our Differentiating Factors

Customized Packages

At Rapid Boost Marketing, we are aware that you may be interested in exploring additional ways to strengthen your business while looking for leads. Therefore, our Pay-Per-Lead comes in many variations. 

  • SEO and Paid Media in one package: ✅
  • SEO, Paid Media with Social Media Management: ✅
  • Website redesign, with SEO and additional services mentioned above: ✅
  • Need a Landing page along with Paid Media: ✅
  • Only SEO: ✅
  • Create your plan that best suits your needs: ✅✅

Personalized Approach 

When it comes to your business, we cannot follow a generic rule book! Your business is different and unique, just like you. And So are your customers. When we start with your project, we don’t only review your competitors. We also research what your customers are looking for and how you can address that best. 

If your Google My Business needs more attention than your other review platform, we have a plan for that. If your social presence needs a makeover for the SEO boost, we make that happen. If you wish to concentrate on any one specific social media platform (Like LinkedIn or YouTube), we got you covered. 

Your team is by your side to ensure we do everything to help you do your job in the best possible way. 

Dedicated Team

One aspect that makes us stand apart from others is our dedicated team for every Pay-Per-Lead client. At Rapid Boost Marketing, you are assigned a team comprising of A Project Manager and An Account Manager. They will answer your questions, share regular project updates and ensure you pay for validated leads ONLY. The Monthly discussion with your Account Manager covers topics like project updates, new strategies for the coming months, discussion around reports etc.

We know the value of communication, and trust us, we Love Sharing – A Lot!

Resource Access

We get you leads of your assets, and additionally, your business will be listed on Rapid Boost Marketing owned, managed list of lead generation assets.  Moreover, all our clients get free access to  MI360 (the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your business).  But wait- there is more;  the resources we build for you, like a landing page, are your resources.  Your success is not just limited to the time you’re with us, we make you a robust presence, and if you decide to manage it on your own or move to another agency, you get full ownership of the landing page at a nominal cost to you.

No Lead Sharing 

Yes! We DO NOT SHARE Your leads with our other clients. The leads generated on your landing page; the website will not be shared with our other clients in the same industry. However, please be informed when getting leads off our lead generation assets. Since they are a common platform, all our pay-per-lead clients get equal opportunity, and in that case, leads can be shared with other businesses in your industry. 

No limit on No of Leads

Unless you want to limit the number of leads, we at Rapid Boost marketing have no such restrictions on your business and growth. The busier you are, the happier we are. 

Fixed Lead Cost

Even before your project starts, you will know how much are you paying per lead and the additional amount you will be paying (if you go with a retainer package) with us.

There are NO hidden costs and No Condition Applied with Rapid Boost Marketing when it comes to price and payments. 

Over To You

Now you know –

  • What is Pay-Per-Lead? And is it worth the hassle for your business?
  • What is the Pay-Per-Lead Process at Rapid Boost?
  • And HOW are we different from others in the Market?

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