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3 Core Pillars of Ranking Number 1 on Google & Other Search Engines


In a Q&A with Google, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the other two factors were links and content:

I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.

He wouldn’t say which was more important, so the top three list now looks like this:

1 & 2: Links & Content
3: RankBrain  (Source)


Backlinks or Links weight almost 1/3 of the total algorithm. It has anywhere from 20-35% importance in overall algorithm and that’s what we will talk about today. 


Backlinks….what is that?

Last year Backlinko analyzed 1 million Google search results.

And they found that links impacted rankings more than any other factor:


backlinko links



Backlinks are a way of measuring your authority, trust and social connectivity!  They are one of the most effective ways of notifying search engines that you have relevant content to share that people are actively looking for.

Google has recently come out and said that backlinks are one of their top 3 ranking signals




There are two types of links you have on a website. They are known as external links and internal links. Although links to your website from other domains have more weight and value, it doesn’t mean internal links do not provide any link equity. In fact, if your webpages have a few external links or no links, then they too can rank well in the search results.


Link Building for SEO 101: How does flow of link equity (backlinks juice) works 

Best Link building tools and resources to built authority links 



Link Local if you sell local

Power of Local Link Building

Linking to powerhouse websites like Wikipedia, national media sites and international websites does not get your website recognition. These websites get a stream of link recognition’s and are already in the top SEO ranks.

However, when you work on local link building, you are connecting with local websites. Since these websites are small, they will recognize and thank you for adding a link. Hopefully, if your website is related, they will pay back the favor in kind. And, this is just the start.


Local link building at work with one of my clients.


So, how do you building local links for your business in Edmonton?

1. Stay relevant and get into the news

There are plenty of things happening in Edmonton that are covered in the news. If a particular event is stirring up waves on the web and social media sites, then you can use it to your advantage.

  1. Find an event that is being talked about by the Edmontonian community online.
  2. Create content giving your personal opinion about it and post it online.
  3. Make sure you share it on your blog, email and social media platforms.
  4. If the content is good and is able to connect with the Edmontonians on ground level, you will have tons of people sharing your links and linking back to your website.

Spend a minute or two every day going through Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun. What are they talking about? Is there anything you can pick up on and write about?

2. Get on to Meetup Groups is constantly helping locals organize events in Edmonton. Tap into that by joining these meetups.

  1. Find groups that are related to your industry.
  2. Join meetups so that users become familiar with you and your brand.
  3. Organize your own meetups.

Getting on does two things for your website. It gets visitors to your website, and you are able to do some ground-level networking to attract potential customers.

3. Connect With Local Communities and Organizations

Reach out to local communities and organizations. Go to a wide range of clubs, communities and NGOs. Try to get your URL on their websites.

– Offer your services to them.

– Provide a sponsorship – it’s always a good idea to donate to non-profits and it adds value to your brand image.

4. Create Buzz with Discounts

Offer discounts to students, seniors and veterans. Depending on the service you offer, you can create an online buzz in these communities. For example, this is not a good idea if you are a plumbing service, but if you are a publishing or consultant service, this will definitely pick up in those circles. Once you inform them about the offer, your website link will spread across the web.

5. Add yourself to Local Directories

This is pretty simple –add yourself to local directories. Edmonton Journal, Yelp, and UrbanSpoon, all have their local directories. Make sure you are on them.

6. Create Visual Content

If you leverage social media right, you can bring a large number of people from it to your website. Social media can be the biggest boost when your content goes viral. Suddenly, your website link and brand name is all over the web. You become a social trend.

– Create visual content that will be shared, like videos and infographics.

– Make the content funny and interesting.

It’s hard to decide what content will go viral. I would never guess that a K-Pop song would blow up the web. You just got to keep making quality, interesting and helpful content on the web.

7. Build social media relationships with local influencers

You can’t connect with biggies like Brad Pitt on the web, but you can connect with local influencers. If you’re providing a service to a local celebrity, connect with them on social media.

It’s social media, so be funny, be witty, people will love it, share it and it may even go viral.

Either ways Taco Bell is getting more customers!

8. Appear on Client’s Websites

If you’re a B2B business, then you can get your link onto their website. It’s a simple and efficient way to build recognition, create awareness and improve your link building.

Local linking building is a super way to generate traffic and improve your SEO rank. Don’t while away your time just doing generic link building.










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