A dealership that isn’t making the most out of their PPC campaign is making a mistake. Running a successful PPC campaign is no easy task. Even though once you set it, it will work on its own, it requires constant attention if it is to be successful. Your dealership PPC campaign needs to capitalize on unique opportunities to gain success, beat the competition and convert users.

Here are some tricks on how you can overcome obstacles that your PPC campaign is facing.

A keyword list that converts

If you hope for your PPC ad to appear to the right audience, it needs to have the correct keywords. The key here is to target an audience that is actively searching for a car to buy.

Think back on your own search behavior and reflect on the different queries you typed in when you were researching for a product and when you were searching to buy the product. You wouldn’t want your ad to appear to a user who is researching on the car (unless the ad is a review itself), you want to appear to someone who is actually searching for to buy the car.

– Leverage your dealership name. You never know when a customer will type in your dealership name. If you don’t find do it, a competitor will take advantage.

– Appear in the search results for location based dealerships. There are several queries users will type to find a dealership near their place.

  • Closest Dealership
  • Dealership in xxx area.

You want your ad to appear in such queries.

– Use keywords that target users who are searching for a particularly car to buy.

Don’t Sound like your Competitors

Ensure you ad title and copy does not feel generic, or like your competitors. It needs to stand out, make an impact and users should be able to recall it. This way even if users don’t click on it, they can remember it when they wish to visit your dealership.

Find the Right Copy

Your ad copy is what gets your customers to click on the ad. You can read up on how to write an ad copy that gets clicks, but the biggest hurdle is finding the right copy. Don’t hesitate to experiment with ad copies. Find the ones that don’t work, identify one that give you an average number of clicks and discover the ones that are very successful.

You can experiment safely by creating varied ad copies for your ads.

A Landing Page that Drives the Car to them

The highlight of your landing page should be on how your visitors can purchase the car. Wow your visitors with visuals of the car and information that makes it a positive buy, but don’t leave your visitors hanging.

Present them information on how they can buy the car and ensure it is quite noticeable with other data about the car. Call to action is vital!

PPC campaigns are not free, you need to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.



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