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Out of the box Marketing Ideas To Directly Reach Your Ideal Customers

Direct Mail is one of the least crowded inboxes. Recently Stack Adapt sent this to our office:

cupcakes as a gift


Where adwords cost are getting up-to $50-$75 or even $100 a click and some of the other avenues get competitive. What out of the box marketing ideas you can apply?


marketing throgugh direct mail


Surprise Them

Surprise element works, people remember how you made them feel. Anything which are not expecting is a great way to get their attention. Examples:

  • Sending box of cookies or cupcakes
  • Sending a cigar with hand written note
  • Pill bottle with a prescription
  • Trash can with a copy….


Here is an example used by us, we send these pill bottles with this copy:

business growth school


Here is the copy inside: 


marketing copy



Another example of a trashcan: 


Here is the copy inside: 


direct mail copy


There are soo many ways to surprise your ideal customers. We gave you an example of how different businesses are doing it differently.


Important Thing To Remember

Make sure to retarget the ideal potential customers you are reaching out to. It’s like they received something from you, and now everywhere they go they see your add. Retargeting uses cookies to anonymously follow your online audience around the Web

Your mail should pass the A-Pile / B-Pile Test:

direct mail


Source: KopywritingKourse


Here is another great example of an HVAC company, rather then sending a traditional direct mail they have this impressive copy to avoid that trash pile. This was a great mailing (it’s not “pretty” in the traditional sense, but I can tell it probably performed extremely well).


HVAC flyer brochure

Source: Swipefile


direct mail

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