Higher results on search engine ranking pages (SERPs) is something every business, irrespective of their niche, wish to achieve. However, we believe that before targeting the global market, eye clinics should first stress on marketing to the local community. This is where local search engine optimization (SEO) for eye clinic becomes crucial. When a user types in a search query, there is Google takes location into account. For example, if a person in Edmonton searches for “eye clinics”, eye clinics in Edmonton are listed in the result. Therefore, adding a specific landing page for your eye clinic’s location and promoting ‘store locator’ option on your website are necessary. There are several other things that you can do to optimize your website as well as on the online platforms for a better local SEO for eye clinic. Here are a few helpful tips to focus on to boost your eye clinic’s local SEO.

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Local Keyword Optimization

No doubt your website is already keyword optimized. Local keyword optimization needs you to take a relook at your keyword research.

  • When conducting keyword research on Keyword Planner, ensure that the appropriate location is selected.

  • If you are searching for a keyword on Google, click on Tools on and select the country.

  • Add the affix of “In <your location>”. A quick tip to geo-localize is to add “In <your location>” to your keywords. For example, “Eye clinics in Edmonton”

Claim Online Directories

Today, it is an unarguable truth that a large number of people use Google and other search engines to find information about eye clinics. Yet, many eye clinics have not claimed even a single a local business listing online. This is a massive loss for them as there aren’t high chances for them to appear in the top suggestions when a person tries to find a clinic in that region. Don’t make this mistake and list your eye clinic on directories.  Some top directories and listings that you must consider claiming are Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. You can also find some of the top online local business directories in your city or country and claim your eye clinic on them. Claiming your spot on these directories simply means you should list your business on them and add your website link.

Most of these directories have special features that help local SEO for eye clinics. For instance, Google Posts launched by Google. Using this feature, you can post updates about your eye service deals, local offerings, and upcoming events or offers through your Google My Business profile. These posts appear directly in the SERP, providing you a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers before they’ve even navigated to your site. Make use of such helpful tools and features.

Optimize Your Listings

When you create profiles of your eye clinic on various listings and directories, you must optimize them carefully so that people can view your details and get in touch with you whenever needed. Make sure you fill every credential on the listing form correctly. Ensure you:

  • Enter correct address, phone number/s, email id/s, and other contact information

  • Mention proper days and hours of functioning so that people can only visit you during that time

  • Add a price range for your customers to know-how much you generally charge for a basic service or appointment

  • Mark your eye clinic accurately on the maps associated with the directory. Example: Google Maps for Google My Business

  • Categorize your eye clinic appropriately. Select “Eye Care Center” sub-category under “Medical & Health” main category

  • Add the right website link to your listings

  • Delete duplicate entries and listings created by you or anyone else

Your profile should be complete, and up-to-date and the information is consistent across all channels. By optimizing your profiles correctly, you ensure that people see accurate information about your clinic. How does accurate information about your business on each directory help? Apart from backlinking to your website, which helps crawlers index your site, uniform information tells search engines that your business is credible.

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Don’t miss other Listing Opportunities

After you claim online local directories, claim your business with data giants like InfogroupAcxiomNeustar Localeze and Factual. These are the primary data providers for a broad swath of online business information. Double check whether your credentials are correct or not. The information could trickle out into other citations, and you might lose out on leads.

Once done, register your clinic with various government websites, healthcare websites, ophthalmology websites, and other local online portals related to eye Care centers. For example, one of the biggest credible websites where you can get yourself listed in Canada is that of The Canadian Association of Optometrists. Link to your business website so that online users can get in touch with you. Inbound links from such recognized and authoritative websites can add value to the SEO of your eye clinic’s website too.

Get on Social Media Platforms

Another basic way to create an online information network and increase local SEO for eye clinic is by creating profiles on social media channels. There isn’t any doubt that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. also play a vital role in benefitting your clinic’s SEO. Therefore, create a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and Twitter account of your clinic and get more clients by publishing interactive, informative, and engaging content. Additionally, ensure that you regularly share your website links, such as service pages or blog post, through your social media platforms.

Be mobile-friendly

Today, more users access the web through mobile devices than desktops or laptops.  As the number of mobile searches continues to increase, so does the importance of being found through those mobile searches along with the ones through desktops and laptops. In order to connect with your local audience and make sure they select you over your competitors, create a mobile-friendly eye clinic website and mobile-supported content.

Use a responsive website design so that your clinic’s website appears the same on smartphones as it does on desktops. Use a mobile store finder option on your website, optimize your mobile pages for search, and keep mobile intent in mind while creating website content.

Upload Several Optimized Images

Images can make a big impression on your online users as well as the local search engine rankings. Hence, prioritizing image usage is more than a necessity today. When designing a website and online directories for your clinic, adding photos is essential to provide some compelling visuals, but rarely are those images optimized properly for search engines. Optimized images help a website and directories rank for local search queries. You can start optimizing the photos from this point for quicker results. The first thing to do is reduce the sizes of pictures you upload on your websites so that they load faster when someone views your website. Ensure that you use an appropriate size for the images so that they are clearly visible and aren’t blurry or pixelated. Next steps to optimize the images should include adding a descriptive but simple file name, adding appropriate alt text to the image, geotagging them. These steps help Google and other search engines to understand what the photos are all about and to differentiate them for unique local SEO.

When uploading pictures on local directories such as Google My Business, use several optimized pictures. More the number of quality photos, the better will be your clinic’s value on SERPs. These pictures will appear along with the details on online directories and listings. For instance, if someone searches for ‘eye clinics in Calgary’ on Google the details of your eye clinic along with good images and virtual tour images will appear on Google Maps.

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Acknowledge Reviews and Comments

As you list on local directories, don’t be surprised if customers from the local community write reviews. Reviews and comments are essential not only to boost search engine rankings but also to encourage your online users to take action and select you over other eye clinics. 90% of people in a Zendesk survey said their buying decisions were influenced by online reviews, and Moz estimates that online reviews make up 10% of how Google decides to rank your web page. This means that online reviews are something that you must focus on for your local SEO for eye clinic. Therefore, encourage your existing clients to add reviews and comments for your clinic. You can encourage reviews and comments on your directory profiles such as Google My Business, online listing websites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages, and social media profiles such as Facebook Pages.

Next thing you must do when you start getting reviews and comments on various platforms is acknowledging them. Make sure you respond to every comment you review and answer various queries and questions your existing and potential customers ask. There are chances that you might get negative reviews from people. Don’t be upset publicly and respond negatively as this might just tarnish your online reputation. Be patient and polite and address the negative comments in a good way. All these are techniques of reputation management. Good reputation management helps people to add value to your clinic’s online presence, thus, prioritize reputation management by acknowledging reviews and comments.

Offer a Virtual Tour

According to Moz, there is a significant correlation between the time people spend on a site and the search rankings. So the more time online users spend on your clinic’s online listing, the better your chance of improving your search rank. To increase the time people spend on a listing, you can embed 360-degree virtual reality media into desktop and mobile websites of your eye clinic. You can include virtual tours on your Google My Business listing which will show up in searches on Google maps to engage them more. You can also include the virtual reality facility on your clinic’s website to elevate the SEO value of your website. For instance, Orbis Hospital has virtual tours of their hospital on their official website. Google virtual tour allows you to give a potential customer an immersive, 360-degree look around your business. Such virtual tours enable your online users to view your clinic in real-time without actually visiting you. 360° photos and a virtual tour are two times more likely to generate interest. Using these tours on your website and online directories, you can earn higher SEO rankings and better target potential clients.

Have a Website Footer with your Address

To drive forth that your business is located in a particular area, have your location mentioned on each web page. A good way to do so is to have a website footer that mentions your business address.

The New Year should be a good reason for you to start focusing on your eye clinic’s local SEO. Focus on building local connections and attaining more local clients by improving your ranking in local search results. Talk to our professional digital marketer who can guide you for a good local SEO for eye clinic if you face any difficulty in any of these steps. The expert will share several other tips to boost your clinic’s SEO and help you through this process.