Ep # 69


Voice Search Doubled Over Last Year – How Can You Benefit From It


5 Step Process: 

1: Natural language & casual conversations

2: Optimize for mispronounced words

3: Descriptive & in-depth content

4: Continuous optimization of on-site SEO

5: Structured markups which enable rich results


What to focus on: 

1: Questions are the biggest opportunity

Bing and amazon

Source: Search Engine Land


2: Focus on Microdata (Schema.org contains over 100 new types. These types can handle events, organizations, persons, books, movies, music, and reviews).

wordpress microdata

Source: Wpsolver

3: Mobile optimization and experience

Google will soon be bringing voice search data in google webmasters console soon. This will help understand voice search traffic in depth and make some significant improvements. Here is the SEO Roundtable talking about this.