Mind share refers to the amount of mention a brand name gets in the media and among people. Quite simply, it’s the amount of buzz your brand generates, so much so that media houses are always waiting for a statement from you on your next product. Conquering mind share is not the same as conquering the market share.

A lot of doubt and debate has constantly been raised about the power of the internet to translate into sales. However, what many professionals miss out on is the mind share that online branding brings. A brilliant branding strategy will understand it’s not about the sales, but how many people are talking it and what they are talking about it.

Still not convinced? Here are a few points on how mind share is one up on market share.

Build an Image

The aim of branding is to help your customers connect with your brand. Online branding gives the perfect opportunities to put a across a brand that represent values which will be liked by your customers. Apple greatly values their high quality technology and they communicate this through their online activities. The brand of Louis Vuitton derives its core from the fact it is an aspirational product.

Back to Word of Mouth

Mind share takes your product back to word of mouth. Suddenly, your brand name is on the lips of everyone’s mouth. Friend circles will be ablaze with your brand name. In today’s social media enriched world, more even so, the power of word of mouth has tripled. Content can be shared in a faster and better manner. Things like tags and hashtags will spread the reach of your bread through the internet.

Let Others Do it For You

The beauty of online branding and mind share is that you just have to sit back and watch how people will spread your brand name. Social media will be put on fire with your brand name. The correct social media pages of newspapers, televisions shows and popular commentators will have something to say about your brand.  From online discussion, memes to spoof videos will have people talking about your brand name.

You won’t have to make much of a marketing effort. In fact, you will find a lot of questions will be diverted towards your brand. If you are able to give consumers a fantastic product, you’ll find loyal customer fighting against criticism and convincing people of your brand’s brilliance.

MindShare First, Market Share will Follow

Once you’ve capture mind share, it’s only a matter of time before you slowly get more and more customers because like the above point mentions – other are doing it for you. When your online branding captures the mind share, your brand becomes a house name which no one gives a second though too. For example, you don’t say “search the internet”, you say, “Google it”. All search engines competitors such as Yahoo and Bing are just scrapped to the side with a second thought.

An Apple Example

Apple is known for two things – their awesome product and customer service. This has led to the internet being stormed with discussion regarding their latest product or an amazing customer service experience related by a customer. When the iPhone 5 came out, there was a popular spoof video of it which detailed all the major features of it. Such is mind share at work and at the same time, online branding occurring without any effort by Apple. Apple may not lead in the market share, but it is quickly gaining numbers.

Back in 2012, while Andriod and iOS battle it out for the mobile market share, the true leader was Nokia’s Symbian, a dying out breed, a name which was not heard anywhere. Symbian is the OS for the usual Nokia phones.

So would you rather be a Nokia’s Symbian or an Apple iOS?