Apps For Service Based Businesses Like Plumbing, Landscaping, HVAC, Windows/Doors and Other Service Based Businesses. Connecting Customers and Service Providers In Real Time. The app is easy to use, simple for anyone with basic knowledge of the technology. It can be used by companies that provide service related services like plumbing, landscaping, heating, air-conditioning, windows and doors or other service based businesses.

Leveraging the online medium’s omnipresence is now a vital part of establishing your service based business’ success, and what’s a better way than to foray into the market with a world-class on-demand service app! At Rapid Boost, we converge the cream of our technological excellence to bestow you with a never-seen-before Uber for Plumbers or other services app, competently backed by groundbreaking technology.

Your customers can log in, search, book, pay, rate, and share their experience, all from a single solution! The astonishing array of features coherently fuses with the robust functionality to connect the service providers with end-users in a jiffy. The stack of online payment modes is the icing on the cake, making the entire customer experience delightful.


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Advanced Features of On-Demand Service Business App

Advanced Reports: With advanced reports, you can check out the areas that need more marketing to increase your commission. It also gives you a clear-cut idea of planning your business.

Responsive Web Panel: Book a service with a few clicks on responsive searches and easy to book without any hassles or confusion to customers.

Referral Invites: Customers can invite their friends to try out your app, which in turn increases your customer base. Customers can earn a small percent of referrals with the number of friends they have invited.

Heat View: The admin can see where the customers are looking for their services in certain locations so that the admin can reroute the Plumber to those locations and pick up requests.

Booking Through Phone/SMS/Email: Not every customer owns a smartphone to download your app. Get all types of requests like a Phone call or SMS or Email and provide services for the customers.

Review And Ratings: Customers can place their genuine ratings and reviews for the Plumber they have committed for the service request.


Revenue Model Of Our On-Demand Service Apps

Commission Fee: Business owners can mandate a substantial amount as the commission fee for every plumbing service fulfilled through the platform. Arguably, the most stable income stream!

Subscription Fee: A recurring fee over a predetermined timespan is redirected to the business owner for the purpose of availing on the services of the platform by the plumber servicemen.

Promotional Fees: Business owners can cash in the buzz generated in the app by leasing the platform’s advertisement spaces like banners for third-party ads and Google Ads.