Multicultural marketing

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Multicultural marketing refers to targeting potential customers by ethnicity. In recent years, some marketers have argued that the rise of multicultural marketing is the next enormous wave for the industry. Multicultural marketing is an important tool that many companies used to expand their customer base and broaden their reach. This strategy helps companies reach more people from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages.

Walmart projects that 100% of its sales growth will come from multicultural customers. They are doubling their multicultural advertising spend.

What is multicultural marketing?

Multicultural marketing is the use of marketing and advertising methods to reach consumers from different cultural backgrounds. Basically, it is a strategy to target the consumer outside of the country’s majority culture. Sometimes is also known as ethnic marketing. It involves recognition of their cultural values and implements your campaign culture-wise.

The Importance of multicultural marketing

The importance of multicultural marketing cannot be overlooked. In a world where there are over 7 billion people, there are 7,000 different languages, and over 25 countries that have populations of over 100 million, the market segmentation which companies typically carry out may no longer be sufficient. It cannot overstated because it is a proven means to extend product offerings and improve customer retention. To increase visibility in the marketplace, companies need to build their audiences and adjust their marketing messages to speak to diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Multicultural marketing is helping brands to connect with new and potential customers by leveraging their unique cultural identities. This type of marketing connects with many cultures, ages, genders, and lifestyle preferences. It also gives you an edge over your competition. If your business is based in a country where the number of migrants is enormous and has different cultural values. So it is very important for you because if you are not targeting migrants, you are losing a big number of your potential customer. For Example, Canada has 21.9% of immigrants of the current population and by 2036, immigrants could represent up to 30 percent of all Canadian population.

Multicultural marketing strategy

It centered marketing strategy around the goal of increasing sales and achieving a competitive advantage. Marketing strategies can be short and long term. So what is the best marketing strategy for you? Multicultural marketing strategies focus on adapting businesses’ value propositions to specific cultural groups to establish a multicultural target market.

Cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors dictate consumerism. These aspects cannot be controlled, but it can account them for while strategizing the marketing mix. Society is the platform for the base of people’s wants and behaviors. A good multicultural marketing strategy required a clear brand message that appeals to consumers from different cultures and a marketing agency that understands the different cultures, their lifestyle, and values. Your product promotion needs to be in today’s context and can differentiate between culture and social values. The product communication has to involve the flexibility of the message so it can go with different cultures and traditions.


How to get multicultural marketing done right?

Multicultural marketing can be done in several ways, including writing in both native languages and in English, cultural appropriation, and international partnerships. If you are based on a company that has a high percentage of migrants from different countries having different cultures for them, you can design an entire marketing campaign based on their culture, language, and practices. If you have any queries related to multicultural marketing or want to gain more customers, using multicultural marketing so you can have a free consultation session with RapidBoostMarketing. Rapid boost one of the renowned agencies having vast experience in the marketing field with the number of clients. Now, introduces its multicultural marketing services. You can get in touch with your target customers, reach them with the right message at the right time, and give your business a boost.

The best example of multicultural marketing 

Here are some of the best examples of brands which done their multicultural marketing right. You can have a better understanding of these types of marketing by watching them below.


  1. Coca Cola “America is beautiful”

In 2014, Coca Cola run a campaign named America is beautiful targeting their multicultural consumers. The message of their campaign was ‘together is beautiful’. They target consumers from different cultural values, religions, and ages.


  1. Adobe “When I see black”

When I See Black | Adobe

In recent years, Adobe highlights 12 black creators and their creativity. This is how adobe targets their black consumers using multicultural marketing. By this campaign, they also show their sympathy towards the black community.


  1. Adidas “Calling all creators”

Calling all Creators | adidas

Adidas shoes manufacturing giant run their one of their multicultural marketing campaign 5 years ago featuring different creators including males, females, and from different fraternities. Pharrell Williams, Aaron Rodgers, Lionel Messi, Von Miller, and many more are there at the round table discussing creativity that does not have any types of boundaries, etc.

Here we cover most of the multicultural marketing and also mention some of its examples which were performed by brands in past hope so you get it right. If you didn’t get clear about it so contact us and let us make it more simple for you.