Canada is growing faster than ever. Over 260,000 new immigrants called Canada their home in 2012. For 2013 and 2014 this number will go upto 265,000. In this diverse market with various different cultures marketers need to be even more attentive to when it comes to marketing their products and services. Culture rich Canada makes it interesting for marketers to understand different demographics, but also very challenging to understand different cultural sensitivities and needs. Considering the multifaith, bilingual, and multicultural society there is also a very vibrant emerging multicultural media, which is very all received in different local communities.

Digital marketing landscape also reflects this change. 3 big cities in Canada will have over 50% of visible minorities by the year 2024.  Here are more statistics for you:

1. Newcomers average household is bigger then average Canadian household by over 45% (2-3 more people). Which translates to bigger buying power.

2. Largest group of visible minority is between 24-39 and represents over 35% of visible minorities.

3. South Asian and Chinese Canadians have the highest mobile integration rate with over 46% of them using Smartphones comparing to only 38%. There are more power users in this group then any other minority.

4. Over 65% of them are engaged on Social Media platforms with atleast 1 account on any major Social Media network.

5. Over 50% are engaged with traditional media like Radio, TV, and print media.

With changing Canadian market the digital marketing have evolved. Ethnic demographics like Chinese and South Asian Canadian got better online presence. Which reflects in their behaviors like purchasing online, looking for local business and other related information. One of the other interesting thing was the use of Social Media is higher in visible minorities, which also gives marketers a great tool to reach in greater frequencies through Social Media.

Online searches and Social Media is also playing an integral part in all this as traditional advertising takes a back seat, and digital tools flourish. Companies need to understand that Digital media gives them better reach and results as most of the new immigrants are young, who prefer to seek information online. Online search keywords have also evolved as the demographics have changed. The way different cultures seek information online is different. They search for different keywords which makes it challenging for marketers to make sure their company is found online.

We find other examples where marketers are trying to build the trust and relationship with different ethnic communities. Rogers communications was trying to develop a cultural affinity. Also, increasingly marketing departments reflect this change as they hire people from different backgrounds so they can understand the changing Canadian market. These market segments are very new, and yet unexplored. These diverse backgrounds present the single largest opportunity in Canadian Market which is still yet to be explored.