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With Covid remote classrooms and online learning management systems are a necessity for educational institutions. From grading to attendance to course delivery custom software and mobile apps can help you achieve that.

The revolutionary uprising of the Internet from being an entertainment tool to an actuator of empowerment via digital modes of education has disrupted the conventional players and forces. It’s not an exaggeration to assert that the millennial way of education is centered on devices and online courses and not the traditional pen and paper setup.

Touted to exceed the monumental $250 billion mark by 2022, the 110 million-strong user base is only expected to terraform into an exponential growth, given the rising smartphone adaptation and internet intrusion. Wish to harness this once-in-a-century opportunity to conquer the digital learning space?

At Rapid Boost, we confer you with E-learning app development solutions that converge the ingenuity of digital education into your fingertips.

University mobile app software development

Dedicated Reporting & Dashboard

There is separate dashboard for students, parents and teachers + admin staff. The teachers on board the app will have a dashboard of their own, which would let them access and use the application with ease. through a single, comprehensive panel, real-time update of digital records such as scores, attendance rates, timetables, salary, etc., so as to simplify all the elements related to the management of your educational institution chain.

What Do We Offer?
A competent stack of technological gems. Devised for a terrific performance.

Master Admin Panel
Keeping track of the business proceedings of the E-learning app at its totality is now a child’s play. Never let your guard down with a wall-to-wall view over the platform!

Instructor Panel
Accredited with an all-encompassing panel, uploading/ modifying the course content is made extensively streamlined. Teaching online has never been this easy!

Learner Panel
Exhaustive information about the number of registered courses, progress of the courses, completed courses, and much more are available, all at a single glance!

Android App
Powered by Flutter, an interactive, feature-rich Android application drenched in robust scalability capabilities are rebranded with your unique brand elements.

iOS App
Send ripples across the Apple App Store by storming with an avant-garde iOS app built with Flutter. The possibility of our E-learning app topping the downloads chart is inevitable!