There are several potential risks to publishing your mobile app on the market without Quality Assurance (AQ) testing. Besides potentially releasing a half-baked product, you could experience complications with your business model through poor user interactions. This can lead to errors in your analytics and sales figures—both of which won’t do well for your brand. Most importantly, it can damage your reputation as a service provider, losing your customer appeal through lower customer retention and conversions!

Developing a High-Quality Product

Mobile apps allow your potential customers to have a dedicated avenue to connect solely with your business. This allows fewer user inputs and more seamless transactions down your sales funnel. However, before it can contribute to your business’s sales efforts, it must first undergo proper QA testing.

In this article, we’ll share five QA testing methods your mobile app needs to undergo before they get published:

1) Functional Testing

Your app’s functionality is reliant on the app’s purpose. Your app development team must catch any potential bugs that can occur with individual and several user inputs. For example, there could be a defect in how your system receives similar data from multiple sources. This is why it’s necessary to further break down an app’s parts through system testing and unit testing.

2) Performance Testing

Although your app may be functioning correctly, you need to assess if its performance is satisfactory to your needs. For example, poor bandwidth efficiency can interfere when collecting user data. Additionally, your app’s processes should be capable of delivering a similar level of useability even when several users are trying to access your network! Remember that slow load times can be the most significant obstacle in a successful transaction—fix that, and you’re one step closer to success.

3) Security Testing

Since a mobile app is another means to interact with your service online, you can be at risk of cybersecurity threats if your security measures are weak. 

Data breaches either on your end or your users can leave a bad mark on your brand’s reputation. Ask your QA team what security measures you can implement to avoid having vulnerabilities in your app’s internal structure.

4) User Experience (UX) Testing

After testing your app’s efficiency, you need to ensure that your users will be comfortable In using its different features. Generally, it’s best to trim the steps that your user has to input where possible. You can do this by having pre-selected options to speed up transactions and form submissions. 

Always have a QA team test your app with sample groups to gauge their opinions and potential suggestions in improving your mobile app.

5) Device and Platform Testing

Unlike web apps, mobile apps need to consider mobile products’ variability instead of relying on a few web browsers for QA testing. 

The distinction between iOS and Android firmware can have unique complications with your finished product. While Android apps are more seamless and uniform through their mobile phones, Android firmware is split into different customized interactions through Samsung, LG, and other phone manufacturers. Keep this in mind when developing two distinct versions of your app meant for iOS and Android users.


Publishing an unfinished app has its risks—which is why it’s best to ensure all bases are covered before you release it. The benefits of releasing an effective app can streamline your business processes in the long run! Since consumers are more focused on their mobile devices, maintaining your brand’s accessibility can further expand your service’s reach and efficiency. It’s an advantage worth having against other fast-paced and modernized local competitors.

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