Nowadays, every business, product and service is available on the internet. They have created their websites or social media pages to spread out their reach among the audience. Advertising a business through the internet is cheap. It gives you visible and healthy results through various tactics available on the internet. People choose a platform to promote their business by first selecting the audience. Putting your medical clinic on the internet and using social media marketing tips for medical clinics will prove to be beneficial. It will spread sufficiently to your target audience.

You may have been active on social media for a long time, but there is room for improvement every time. There may be some social media marketing tips for medical clinics and strategies that you won’t know about. Social media marketing is easy to handle and it can be done by any small or large medical clinics. It will increase your reach among the audience, you can target the people in your locality and you will get a broad audience. Here we provide you with social media marketing tips for medical clinics that can provide you with a fantastic boost.

Create a Website

Creating a website is important for social media marketing. Having a website will be helpful in giving away more information to the audience. Social media can be linked to your site. You can upload blogs on the website on different topics related to medical treatment, medicines or health care topics. These blogs can be shared on social media pages. As you just cannot post everything in detail on a particular topic that needs to be addressed to the people. People don’t go through any long posts on social media. So you can elaborate on the whole subject in the blogs and people interested will click on it. This won’t affect your social media posts, plus you will be bringing in more audience. You can put the link of your social media pages on the website, and website link on social media pages. The audience on social media will be directed to your website and the audience on the website will be directed to the social media pages.

Make Presence on Social Media

Make Presence on Social Media

First, you will have to create a page on the social media platforms to get active. When you do so, you will have to create a wholesome plan for further steps. The strategy will help to make you reach the audience and achieve the target easily. A strategically made plan is better than doing things unplanned. A step by step process will keep things clear for you. So go on down to read and gain more social media marketing tips for medical clinics.

Fix Your Goals

After making your page on social media, you will have to set your goals. Goals will help you determine how you work your way through the planned strategy. This will help you get the desired success for your medical clinic. You will have to choose the kind of goal you want to achieve. Goals can be about making social media pages to increase your reach or gaining social leads to increase the sales. Or it can be just spreading awareness about your medical clinic. Determining the goal behind creating your space in social media is vital. You can also define your goals by using the SMART goal framework. This all will be very useful for your medical clinic’s social media marketing. Hence, the goal is one of the essential social media marketing tips for medical clinics.

Pick Your Audience

Pick Your Audience

Once your goals are set further, you will have to target a specific audience for your medical clinic. Determine what kind of audience do you want to get attracted to your clinic. You will have to target the audience demographically and industrially, your audience can be only females or males, or can be both. The age will also be an aspect to focus on, considering it is the teenagers between 16 to 21, adults between 21 to 40 or old age from 50 and above. Focusing on the occupation of people, you will be targeting the people who can afford your services. With this information, you will be specific and clear about your strategy. You will straight get connected with your audience.

Choose the Perfect Platform

Choose the Perfect Platform

For social media marketing to work, you need to be on a social media platform. You can opt for only one social media site, or you can do the marketing from multiple social media sites. It all depends on how well you can operate the sites and what suits best for your marketing plan. We are here providing social media marketing tips for medical clinics on choosing a platform for your business.



Facebook is a social media website that can be used for a direct reach with the audience. Anyone providing social media marketing tips for medical clinics would tell you to use Facebook. The direct sales of the product and the services can be made easily. The vast majority of people are using Facebook daily for their own unique benefits. As per July 2019, Facebook has the most number of active users counted at 2.38 billion worldwide. You can now wonder how big exposure your medical clinic can get once it is optimized and handled adequately. Facebook provides you to advertise your medical clinic to grow with advertisements at an affordable price. The social media strategy offers you to choose the audience as you want. Your medical clinics’ profile and advertisements are displayed only to the generic target audience.



You may be wondering how Instagram could help to boost your business. Using Instagram is an amazing social media marketing tips for medical clinics or any other business if used wisely. Instagram users are mostly used by the young population; more than half of the Instagram users are aged at 34 years or below. Considering if your medical clinic needs to attract the young age population. Then using Instagram for social media marketing can prove essential. To market on Instagram first, you need to create a Business Profile; then you are provided all the tools to promote your business. A wide range of Instagram tools is available to promote your medical clinic.



For advertising on Twitter, you need a business account. Twitter is a social media site famous for discussing topics in the trend. You don’t need to comment on any hot issues. You can just put up your sympathy filled tweets or updates on something. Your tweet will make you recognizable. Your brand will get recognized by a good amount of people. Putting your thoughts in the conversation that people are already talking about can give you some amount of limelight. One thing that needs to be focused on while tweeting in discussions is, only to join the talks that are relevant. Tweeting in every topic won’t benefit you. You can also use hashtags and post things related to the topic that will interest your followers. Twitter too provides advertising, but that we will discuss further. Twitter has 330 million Monthly Active Users in the first quarter of 2019.



LinkedIn is beneficial if you have to market your medical clinic with other companies. As of April 2019, there is a total of 16 million members of LinkedIn in Canada. LinkedIn is used widely by many employees, companies and business firms. The potential use of LinkedIn is known by many; it is really a great social media portal to have a good reach in the market. It is a portal best for making your business known to others. You can post details about your clinic, then the staff who works there. It will all lead to generating leads and followers. Post and videos can be posted on the profile; it will help the people to know more about you. And mostly upload organic posts and videos instead of providing links, it will be more beneficial. You can use various social media marketing tips for medical clinics on LinkedIn.

Complete Your Profile

A vital social media marketing tip for medical clinics would be to make your complete detailed profile. It makes you presentable on the web. You would need to make and update your profile properly for the followers. So when your business profile is being checked by any person, they should get familiar with your clinic. By just visiting your profile, they should get a good introduction to your medical clinic. You will have to put a profile picture which can be your organization’s logo. The profile picture is the first thing the user will see. So below we are providing some suggestions that will be essential for you:

  • Put a profile picture of the logo with high resolution. Recommended size is 180px by 215px.
  • A cover photo can also be added on various sites. The cover photo should hold high resolution. The cover photo can tell more about your medical clinic. Recommended size is 851px by 215px.
  • Add Bio of your medical clinic in the profile. It is one of the easiest things to do. Add your medical clinic name, about info, date of foundation, website link, contact number and email. This will be a complete “about info” of your medical clinic.
  • You can add-on additional information if space is provided. You can add about the kind of services your medical clinic provides — opening and closing times and days when your clinic remains closed.

Such information can help you to make a complete profile. It will give a full overview of your clinic to the viewer just by visiting your profile. This can be very fruitful for you and the potential customers as they won’t have to dig in.

Create Social Media Calendar

When you start posting on your social media pages, the audience will begin engaging. They will expect you to post something daily. To meet their expectations, you would need to plan your schedule and post on time. If you don’t follow a schedule, you may tend to lose your followers. To keep the audience and posts intact, you would have to create a schedule. So we are explaining a social media marketing tip for medical clinics for scheduled posts.

Using social media calendar is one amongst one social media marketing tips for medical clinics that we say is vital. Many users on social media platforms use social media content calendars. This helps them to post regularly and keep the audience updated and engaged. The calendar helps to make a good difference between posting updates. So that your audience gets frequent posts and they are engaged. The calendar helps you to plan all your posts, including images, links, videos, etc.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

Conducting a competitive analysis is an incredible social media marketing tip for medical clinics. You can learn a lot about your competitors and can get inspired by them for further plans. Competitive analysis can be conducted easily, but there are some steps that you can follow on how to conduct a competitive analysis.

  • First, you have to see who are the competitors on social media. Identifying competitors will make it easier for you. You will come to know if there is any competition in your locality itself. So you can analyze accordingly.
  • Then you would need to know their presence on social media. You will have to check on what platforms they are active in. So you can conduct the analysis and compete with them on the specific platform. You should not go thinking that they are present on every social media site.
  • Analyze what they are doing now with their social media pages and also what they did previously. This research would help you to develop your social media page. You can analyze what made customers attracted to them.
  • Analyzing how the strategy is working for them can also be fruitful for you. You can adapt the strategy if it is benefiting them. Your own approach may be getting you a good response, but if the competitors’ strategy is making them gain more audience, then you can also adopt it. Get good research on their whole strategy.
  • It is possible that you may face some threats from your competitors. They may have more useful content and audience base that you may be lacking. If the competitor exists in your locality, that can be a serious threat. So make it a point to check the threats and develop your marketing strategy. Come up with some healthy strategies to save yourself from the loss.
  • Analyze that on which social media platforms, the competitor is not leading. Like if they are leading on Facebook and lack behind on Instagram and Twitter, then it is a good opportunity for you to take over those platforms. You will be able to stay ahead in the competition.

When conducting a competitive analysis, make sure to have a wholesome analysis. From the strengths of your competitors to their weaknesses, you have to keep everything in check. Social media marketing is easy to handle, but there are many aspects that can lead to an impact or an effect on your medical clinic. Analyzing your competitor will give you many social media marketing tips for medical clinics.

Join Groups and Communities

One simple and best among many social media marketing tips for medical clinics is to join groups and communities on social media. You can join groups on social media platforms that are relevant to your business and can get to know about the latest trends. What kind of posts others are uploading, how good is there content? The techniques that they are using to generate followers. Eventually, all of this will be helpful for you as you will get to know the trends and techniques. After that, you can take inspiration from their techniques and can make something organic for your page. Visit other pages, see how they are strategizing their marketing. If you see any space for new changes, imply it. The latest trends and changes can boost your marketing tremendously. But keep in mind you should not plagiarise the content from the competitors. The same content by two businesses won’t provide many leads and reach to both. So it will be a non-beneficial way to grow your business. It is important to have unique posts and content for better growth on social media. Gain as many as possible social media marketing tips for medical clinics from such groups.

Advertise on Social Media

Advertising is the most powerful social media marketing tip for medical clinics. It gives an amazing boost to anyone’s business. Advertising on social media is cheap compared to other advertising. Even you get a lot of potential customers from social media. Most of the people are active on social media and they prefer buying and selling digitally. Advertisements thus can trigger someone to check your services and may tend to buy it. Hence, advertisements on social media are crucial. Below brief information is provided on how to advertise on different social media platforms.



Facebook provides one of the best advertisement tools to use. The advertisement tool on Facebook is very flexible and customizable. Facebook allows you to choose the specific target audience and the ads are displayed to them only. The step-by-step process is explained below.


When you begin your advertising campaign, Facebook will first ask you to choose the objective of your campaign. Choosing the objective is for the audience to take the action you want them to after seeing your ad. There are three types of objectives that Facebook provides: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. For a content-first strategy campaign, you can choose the Awareness objective and for retargeting the audience, you can go for Consideration or Conversion objective. The decision of choosing an adequate campaign objective depends on your strategy.


Choosing the ideal audience makes your advertising campaign much easier. For selecting the target audience, the best option is to choose the demographic and interest option. In the demographic, you can choose the audience from the aspects of age, gender, location and language. To narrow your audience furthermore, you can choose the interests and behaviours of the audience too. Your target audience can be as large as you want, but narrowing it for the specific audience will give you the best results.


The last step in the Facebook ad is to choose how your advertisement will appear. It can be images, video, URL links, display link text and call to action(CTA) button. You will be provided with the kind of ads according to the objective you choose. Once your ad formatting is done and the ad is ready you can test run the ad. The best way to test run them is to make multiple ads like videos, images, URL links and run them back to back. Then you can check which advertisement gets more engagement.


To run an advertisement on Twitter, you need to have a business account. Different kinds of twitter ads are displayed, such as Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends. Every ad is labelled with a promoted mark. Twitter ads have a step-by-step process explained below.


Choose the objective for your ad campaigns on what you want to achieve. Do you want to create awareness regarding your medical clinic, you want traffic to your website or new followers.


Select the kind of audience you want to reach. You can choose from demographics like geographical areas or target people’s interest.


Twitter ads are run on auction. You will choose how much you will pay for interaction like: for a new follower or click on your website. Or you can opt for automatic bidding according to your budget.


You can choose the budget for your daily Twitter ads. There is no minimum spending on ad campaigns.


In the tweets avoid for any hashtags or @mentions because this can make your audience to click on them and will take away their attention. Also, put a Call-To-Action like “sign up” or “start today”.


Instagram advertisements are customized from Facebook advertisements. To run advertisements on Instagram, you need a business account. Instagram ads get more views than Facebook ads. As of January 2019, Instagram stories has 500 million daily active users. Brand engagement with consumers on Instagram is relatively more. Instagram ads are different and the users are mostly youngsters. On the platform, you can advertise through Instagram stories and posts. So here are some tips for your medical clinic to have an engaging ad on Instagram.


Your advertisements on Instagram should not look like a normal ad. It needs to be creative for the audience to get attracted. Images with human faces get more engagement on Instagram compared to other images. Make your advertisement look more creative and attractive; it shouldn’t appear like a typical advertisement trying to sell something.


Video is one of the special aspects of an advertisement on Instagram. When said Instagram advertisement, people start imagining the whole sets of images. But as fact, the videos on Instagram gets more engagement than the images. So making a video ad will be beneficial.


Call-To-Action(CTA) is an important part of your advertising posts. CTA button can divert the audience to your website. If your advertisement is engaging people will surely click on the call-to-action button. The call-to-action button is on the same place on the post as Facebook.



Using LinkedIn for advertisement is also an important social media marketing tips for medical clinics amongst others. LinkedIn ads can be used if you want to promote the medical clinic on B2B purposes. Click here to know how to make a LinkedIn advertisement.

Use Analytical Tools

Use Analytical Tools

When you put your advertisement on social media, you need to track the advertisement. For that, you can use the analytics available on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram every platform provides analytics to check the stats. Analyzing is one such vital social media marketing tips for medical clinics that everyone suggests. Analytics tells you about what good things are you doing with your marketing. How much progress have you made can also be measured with the help of analytics? To analyze your marketing strategy can use Google Analytics, it is very helpful.

These were social media marketing tips for medical campaigns. Social media has been very beneficial for many marketers. You can use them very wisely to get the best results for your social media marketing campaigns. Is it a medical clinic or any other business, social media marketing proves to be a powerful and must-use tool.