When a person visits your medical website, it does not guarantee that he will convert into a customer. Most often than not, he won’t if you have a poor website design. So if you’ve performed search optimization and ensured your medical website has got a good rank on SERPs, it’s not enough. It will only get you a huge volume of traffic with increased bounced rates and poor conversation ratio. The question then arises how you can increase your medical website’s conversion rate. Well, to answer your question, we’ve listed 8 ways to help you increase your medical website’s conversion rate.

1. Few Fields (Make it easy)

If your aim is to convince a reader to fill a form, then ensure your form is small. Ask for information that you really need. For a medical website, you can have few fields that include name, email address, location and maybe the problem as well. Now when it comes to filling the problem field, you can have drop down list instead of the person typing in the problem. For example, you can have the options such as problems relating to the head, heart, etc. However, if you have focused on creating a campaign relating to heart problems, then it automatically becomes specific that the person has visited your landing page for some heart-related problem and therefore, in such cases, you need not add an extra field. Furthermore, if you have created an ad campaign specifically to heart-problems, the form on your landing page should be specific to it.

2. Use Testimonials

In medical industries, testimonials and word of mouth play a significant role in influencing customers. Therefore, add testimonials from your existing clients in order to boost your conversion rates. Moreover, positive testimonials will encourage your prospects to trust your medical services. As a result, more people will be willing to fill your form or subscribe to your newsletter. The more positive testimonials you have, the more people will believe your medical services to be exceptional. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your customer to write their experiences.

3. State Benefits

Now if you are concentrating on your medical services, the ultimate benefit would be a successful treatment. However, if you want to ensure that they come to you for regular checkups, then you can list down other benefits such as treatment with no side effects. Moreover, you can also mention if you have any differential features such as 24*7 medical services, a free home check up for emergencies, experienced specialists and others.

4. Add Appealing Headline

Usually, the headline is the first thing that is seen when visiting a particular site. Hence, it is the most critical element on your landing page. It is difficult to know which headline is the most suitable one and so it is recommended that you come up with multiple headlines in case the current one turns your readers off. Keep your headline short and at the same time, ensure it is placed correctly on your home or landing page. The headline can be bold and the font size should be bigger than the rest of the texts in your copy. Check out this ultimate home page headline link to know how to craft a perfect headline for your medical website.

5. Create a Separate Landing Page

If you’ve carried out a campaign on Google, then it’s best that you create a separate landing page. This way when a person clicks on your ads, then he is directed to a proper page for the campaign instead of your homepage. Landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing and without it, your efforts are wasted. Through landing pages, you can easily generate useful data of the traffic visiting your website and also helps you to understand why they are not converting into customers. In other words, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign through landing page and accordingly make changes to enhance your conversion ratio.

6. Enable Strong Call to Actions

Add the call to action buttons on your website. CTA buttons guide a visitor what to do next. For example, if a visitor goes through the entire content on cancer and he wants to know more about this disease, you can add a button that says “subscribe to our newsletter for more information”. Or provide another button that compels users to apply for a checkup. CTA buttons act as a suitable replacement to links. For this purpose, you need to consider different elements of your CTA buttons. This includes the placement, color, and the size of buttons. Test out several variations to identify which one performs the best. Be careful that you do not keep multiple CTA buttons on your page as overuse may render ineffectiveness for call to actions and can also possibly confuse your prospect. Keep in mind that you need to get your visitors to take one specific action. You cannot have them fill the form, provide their emails and even register for your services all on the same page.

7. Offer Live Chat

Nowadays, there are websites that use chat tools to generate leads. A visitor is more likely to turn into your customer if he interacts with a person and that is exactly what a chat box does. If visitors have any doubts, then they can directly click on the chat box and ask questions to the customer representatives at the other end. Chat tools can indeed boost your conversion rates because if visitors do not know where to go or what to do next, they may decide to leave your website. Thus, you lose out on a prospect. So if you do not want to lose out on these prospects, offer a chat box on your medical website. With a chat box, you also understand what a customer needs or is expecting from your medical service and this insight can be used to enhance your medical services by offering what they want.

8. Use Visuals

For visuals, you need to identify which color suits best for your target audience. Do not choose colors randomly for your website. The minimum colors you use the better the aesthetics of your website. Therefore, use accent colors for your entire webpage which is usually a pattern of five colors. Apart from colors, you can use images and videos to provide more information. Images should match with the background color and you can provide statistical data through short infographics in your images. Your videos can give detailed information about your medical products or services. Moreover, videos help your audience to stay on your webpage for long and if they may like what your video talks about then there is a high possibility of converting them.

Now that you are aware of some of the tips to increase your medical website’s conversion rate, get started with conversion rate optimization right away to prevent losing further customers. In case, you are unsure where to begin or how to start, then take the help of a specialist digital marketing firm that provides conversion rate optimization service.


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