Marketing Tactics for Cannabis Industry

As a local or small Cannabis business owner, taking advantage of digital marketing is key to success. The barriers of entry into the marketplace are minimized when compared to traditional forms of marketing. Marketing to customers online is 10 times easier than using traditional marketing tactics. Online marketing is cost-effective, it’s easier to reach your audience and you know exactly who you’re reaching. You have the ability to optimize campaigns and websites if they are not performing the way you want them to. You can clearly see how many people have opened your emails and clicked a link. You can even target who you want to when you want to.

Looking for some online marketing tactics for Cannabis industry to grow your business? Read on without wasting more time.

Create a Website and an Online Store

According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, online searches for marijuana increased by 98% from 2005 to 2017 (partial) with millions of Americans looking for it online. As soon as Canada legalized marijuana, the North American e-commerce market has embraced the online selling of marijuana and related products. It is a great breakthrough in marijuana marketing. Even Shopify allows licensed Canadian sellers to sell cannabis products both in-store and online. For business in the US, it could be difficult with restrictions on delivery carriers. But if you have legal permission and a license, you can start selling online. Just having a website that you haven’t touched for a while isn’t good enough nowadays. You can’t neglect your Cannabis business’s website. You have to treat your website kind of like your car, and constantly check on it if you want it to drive smoothly. Therefore, you need to optimize your site. You want to make sure that your site can be found easily online with good SEO. Most business owners know that their websites need to be optimized in order for search engines to find them and rank them. If you don’t know, that’s okay. Optimizing your website includes making sure you have an H1 tag, a title, meta description, relevant keywords, alt text for your images, and the appropriate amount of text. You can do this organically or you can pay for it.

Rework on the Current Website

Rework on the Current Website

If your Cannabis business already has a website, it’s now time to work on it and make it better. Here are some website-related marketing tactics for the Cannabis industry:

Update your website

Not only is it important to update your content, but if your Cannabis business’s website looks like it’s from the 1990s it’s time for a total makeover. Website design is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the current trends so that you can compete in your market. Old website design can give out spammy vibes to customers who will quickly leave your site and move on to one that is more aesthetically appealing.

Have a cool website design

Engage your potential customers with a web design that is up to date and exciting. Use cool features like parallax scrolling and make sure the user experience is on point. If your website looks clean and is easy to navigate, you will be able to build trust with potential customers. If customers land on your site and don’t understand how to navigate or can’t find what they’re looking for, you have just lost a sale.

Make your website is responsive

What’s the point of even having a website if it doesn’t look nice on every device? 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing. If your site is not responsive, those potential customers will find another business. More and more people are making purchases through mobile devices so make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. This is especially true now that Google has implemented its mobile-first indexing. It’s best for you to check your mobile site across all devices and browsers. Make sure that the navigation and CTAs are functioning well. For e-commerce Cannabis websites, your Add to Cart button and payment system should work flawlessly too.

Utilize website pop-ups

A pop-up on your website allows you to collect information such as email addresses, from people who visit your site. You can also use a popup to offer a coupon code or discount to first-time customers to further entice them to continue to your site or buy your product or service. Combine them for the ultimate popup: A coupon in exchange for an email address. Popups are so helpful because once you create them, they do all the work for you.

Focus on Keywords and SEO Optimization

If you want to make an impact online, make yourself a known brand, or sell anything online, you need to identify high-converting keywords and optimize your content to boost traffic and sales. Our research shows that long-tail keywords can help you boost your search results rankings. You should, therefore, optimize your website pages, blog posts, and other online content for relevant long-tail keywords to increase organic search traffic. Keyword research should be a mandatory part of every small business digital marketing strategy. You can use your business’s keywords for so many things! And, it’s a great way to find out exactly what terms people are using to search for your business’s products and services. Use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and or even search recommendations (when Google tries to help you complete a search) or the “People also search for” box at the bottom of the page to find relevant keywords for your business. Insert those keywords into the pages of your website (try to make it natural so that they make sense within your content) or in blog posts. Long-tail keywords dominate 70% of the total searches on the internet. When coupled with high-quality content, long-tail keywords can dramatically increase your conversion rate with an all-time high organic reach.


Target Local Market

Targeting local markets can give your brand immediate visibility at a lower cost. While designing a website is crucial to driving traffic and sales, it is equally important for you to grab the local market in marijuana legalized states. Local search isn’t a new marketing idea, but it can be complicated, though, and it’s not something that happens overnight or that you can do once and forget about it. It’s best left to experts. Here are some useful marketing tactics for the Cannabis industry:

  • – Optimize your Google+ Local page to help your business name, phone number, location, and even opening hours show up in Google Maps and Google’s local search results.
  • – Get ahold of a low-cost advertiser. Unlike high-value printing and online advertisers, local media can offer you competitive prices and help you reach interested buyers.
  • – Contact non-mainstream media that isn’t selective about their ads.
  • – Advertising on a billboard may seem expensive and outdated, but it can help you attract a crowd that matters for your business. But you should be careful about where you place your ad and what message it shares.
  • – Get yourself listed on Google as a local business. People who want to look for marijuana products locally will easily spot your shop in search results.

And there’s so much more you can do. Keep reading, and we’ll help you more.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Reputation management isn’t just for the biggest brands. Small businesses and even the ones in your industry need to know what their customers are saying about them too. Set up a Google alert for your business so you know when new articles that mention your business are posted. Don’t forget about social media monitoring tools. If you are aware of the chatter, you can become part of the conversation, fix problems that arise and keep your business’s reputation as squeaky clean as possible. You should also be aware of the reasons customers complain about businesses so that you can try and protect your business from public backlash. As soon as there’s a mention of your business or you get a review, make it a point to tackle it positively. Respond to every review and comment, whether positive or negative. Never, and we say NEVER, delete a review or comment just because it is negative. This will only bring more bitterness to your brand’s name. Respond to them, listen to their issues, and commit that you’ll work on what made you fail in the first place. In order to chive a balance of positive and negative reviews about your business, push for the customers to leave their honest feedback. This will help your brand to rank higher in the popular search engines. This is one of the best digital marketing ideas that really work.

Create Professional Visual Content

Content is still king and content marketing is an industry in its own right. Your content will form an important part of your digital strategy. Video is an area that is growing at an incredible rate, and these statistics from HubSpot show why:

  • – 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service
  • – 76% say it helped them increase sales
  • – 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video

Also, an important stat that shows how important video is today is the fact that over 1.9 billion users are logging into Google-owned YouTube each month. Big brands understand the power of video marketing and constantly create big-budget video campaigns as per the below examples from the likes of Beats by Dre, Apple, Nintendo and Dominoes.

You can also rely on images for the same purpose. Images can help sell your business, and they also rank in search engines. So make sure you use a lot of images on your website, in your ads, and on social media. And don’t just use images and infographics, optimize them. Don’t name your images “photo.jpg,” and instead name them more descriptively, add alt text or captions on your website to help images show up in search results.

You might not have the big budgets, but you can always partner up with a talented local video agency/freelancer to get your own video campaign started.

Guest Blogging

Get into Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best marketing tactics for the Cannabis industry. Guest posting can prove to be one of the best marijuana marketing tactics to get immediate exposure to your target audience. This can help you increase brand awareness, build trust, and boost sales. You should look for popular websites and magazines that allow you to write on topics related to marijuana products. Guest posting on popular niche websites can help you strengthen your backlink profile, improve search rankings, boost traffic and leads, and achieve a higher ROI. You can search online for credible sites that allow guest posting on marijuana and related products. Before you approach them for guest posting, you should always the site’s contributor guidelines and requirements. Here are a few sites that accept guest posts on topics related to marijuana:

  • – Marijuana Mommy
  • – Marijuana Marketing Xperts
  • – High Times

You should develop an effective guest posting strategy for your business. Then, you should focus on creating informative posts that list the benefits of marijuana with proof. You can use research studies and statistics to validate the information. Publishing well-researched content on popular websites can help you level up marijuana marketing game.

Marijuana-Friendly Ad Networks

Collaborate with Marijuana-Friendly Ad Networks

With the legalization of marijuana, there is a surge of marijuana-friendly ad platforms. Both as a publisher and an advertiser, you can grow your traffic with such dedicated advertising platforms. Are you struggling to promote your marijuana products through social media channels? You should give cannabis ad networks a try. These industry-specific Cannabis marketing platforms display ads on recreational dispensaries or medical marijuana on various websites.

MANTIS Ads: As one of the leading ad networks for legal marijuana and cannabis products, MANTIS Ads makes it easy to send your message to the right audience. With effective geo-targeted campaigns, it can also help you increase your local visibility.

ALT ADN: It is a digital cannabis advertising network and marketplace for all legal cannabis and marijuana products. You just need to submit your ads and set your budget and target audience.

Traffic Roots: Traffic Roots is a fast-growing legal cannabis ad network that works with publishers to help you get your ad posted on various relevant websites.

RevOffers: RevOffers gives you access to like-minded affiliates, publishers, and influencers who can help boost your brand’s value and attract traffic. It is one of the best medical, recreational, and legal online marijuana marketplaces.

In conclusion, these marketing tactics for the Cannabis industry should help your small business if you use the above digital strategies effectively. Apart from these, there are several other marketing tactics for Cannabis industry that will make you successful. We can help you create an easy path to success. Get in touch with us, and let’s create the best strategy to make your Cannabis business rocking digitally.