“Is your business on Instagram?”

A few years ago, asking this question to a business owner would have been ridiculous. But now, this question has become one of the first things customers enquire about—Instagram has become synonymous with a business card. It is an essential tool for businesses for creative branding and to connect with their customers and build a community.

Why’s that? Because Instagram offers a simple, visually appealing content delivery that communicates your brand ideals while keeping your audience updated with your business. It offers the audience an insight into your brand unlike anything else—organically.

However, before you start posting your content on Instagram, you need to ensure your handle does not look like a lazy attempt. You need to figure out the right aesthetic for it since it is a visually driven platform, and here are a few tips to help you.

1) Understand Your Audience Persona

Knowing your audience persona is essential to visually connect your business to your customers. The audience persona helps your creative energy create an account (and its content) that’s appealing to them.

In essence, your audience must look at your Instagram handle and think, “yes, this is for me and I belong here.” This step sets the tone of your content, and your content must bring value to this audience persona to stand out in the crowded market.

2) Choose a Consistent Colour Palette

Before you even start digging into the rabbit hole of Instagram marketing, you need to narrow down on a basic colour scheme for your account. The color palette helps make your stock of images and videos look like a curated collection, not a jumbled collection of random pictures and moments.

The color palette usually encompasses various visual elements, such as similar lighting, editing presets, composition, visual elements, et al.

3) Decide a Theme

Next, you need to have a consistent theme to focus on. No, the theme does not only circle the subject matter; you need to go beyond and stay true to specific composition guidelines and elements. A consistent theme helps you develop your content, nurture your audience, and help stay on track—so be consistent with it.

For example, a wildlife photographer’s ideal theme would be wildlife photographs in his signature style and colour palette, with a consistent tone of captions and copy.

4) Design for the Grid — Then Break It

When uploading pictures of Instagram, think how each post will look like in the grid. Your Insta feed is a mixture of images relating to one another; it incorporates individual photos and a grid of image thumbnails. The thing is, each of the photos and thumbnails must tell a story.

So, look for creative ways to play around with the grid. For example, you can split landscape photos into a single spread of three thumbnails or form a giant image in a 3×3 configuration. However, remember that, even while aiming for the grid design, you keep single photos relevant. You can use apps like Pic Splitter, Tile Pic, or Instagrid to design your images for the grid.

Pull It All Together

Finally, pull it all together. You’ll end up with a branded Instagram account for your business that hits the right chords with your audience.

With that said, “Is your business on Instagram yet?”

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