While you’re Googling “SEO myths” and digging through all that information, you are missing out on the myths for geo-local SEO. Rather than compete with a wide range national market, local SEO assists you to narrow down your competition and your audience to Edmonton.

With frequent search algorithm updates by search engines, you need to ensure that your geo-local optimization stays up-to-date and you aren’t doing anything that:

  1. Incurs any penalties from search engines

  2. Wastes valuable time and effort

So, if you are you doing any of these local SEO tactics mentioned below, then you can knock the tactic off your list.

Deleting your Listing from My Business removes your brand from Google

Google is not as integrated with Google My Business as it used to be. If you have ever deleted a duplicate My Business listing, you would have gotten this message:

It’s basically a – Are you SURE you want to do this – question.

This has probably led to the belief that removing our listing from My Business is Google not storing your brand name or website URL in its database. However, this is not true. Even if you delete your listing from Google’s My Business, it is still stored in the search engine’s database. If you are deleting your My Business profile, updating or deleting duplicates, you can click on OK without getting worried. The listing will still remain on My Business, but it will just be identified as unverified.

Claim your page now!

Ever received a phone call stating “Your business is currently not verified and will vanish on Google – unless you claim it now!”

Verifying your business does not instantly lead to a boost of your SEO. In fact, curating and frequently updating the content and data on the page will have a bigger impact. Saying yes to that call does not give your business a silver bullet for SEO.

Additionally, identify the credentials of the caller. Is it an advertisement cold call that’s trying to take you for a ride?

Start your Map Optimization

Map SEO or map optimization is something that’s been popping up more and more often. From what I can gather, map optimization refers to the ability for your brand to rank in a map search.

For example:

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 2.43.54 PM.png

According to “map optimization”, you will be able to rank at the top of a map search if you are optimized.

Well, let me break it to you. Map optimization does not exist. What does exist is organic optimization, which will help your business get listed on a map search.

If you’ve been conducting “map optimization”, you have been wasting your time because it does not exist. Instead, redirect your efforts to organic search optimization. Good organic search optimization will help Google understand that your business should be mentioned on top of results, even on a map.

Set a Huge Service Area

Google allows you to set the geographical radius for your business. This is usually for businesses that have some form of delivery service to showcase how far they’re willing to travel for the customer. However, many businesses select a large service area under the assumption that they can rank to a larger audience.

While it is important that you enhance your reach with the audience, it would be better to set the geographical radius to the actual number of neighborhood blocks you serve.

All of the above points relate to geo-local optimization. If you have been doing them, you need to stop as they don’t really enhance your local optimization. Ensure that you focus your efforts on organic local SEO tactics that will bring your brand good SEO.