When you want to get your website out on the first page of a search results page, you have to leverage all the SEO tactics up your sleeve. Unless you are Walmart, or some other huge conglomerate, there is a chance that you will be limited to a certain locality. If you want to sell local, you have to link local! You have to make sure your website pops up at the top of the SERPs. Enhancing the presence among the locals will give you an edge in the market. Local SEO can prove to be one of the power tools for crushing your competitors.

We have some tips to help you stand out in the crowd.

Provide Proper Information

Don’t promise your customers stars when you can’t even see them. The content on your website must be designed to provide accurate information. Don’t try to oversell. When you describe a product or service, make sure that info about what you are offering for sale is accurate. Because when a potential customer approaches, he will be expecting to get what he was offered.

If you give her chicken when she asks for bacon, she will be miffed.



Get on the map

No, we don’t want you to stand on the map and look for yourself. When people ask the omniscient Google questions, the search engine judges them by their location. It tracks the location of a user and the search results are provided in keeping with the location. If you were to search for ‘Edmonton SEO’ on Google, we are sure you would see Rapid Boost Marketing right there waiting for you.

Register your organization on ‘Google My Business’. This will enable you to claim your listing and your customers will able to find you better. Another thing to make sure is that you provide accurate contact details. Your customers will not take pains to look for your address and phone numbers.


Search engines try match the search query with relevant pages through keywords. By utilizing the right keywords on your website, you are able to appear on the relevant search results that connect you with potential customers who are in your area.

Use long-tail keywords that utilize your location. For example: Tasty burgers in Edmonton.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to establish your local presence.

– You can easily reach out to local customers who love your brand and have conversations with them,

– Connect with local influencers and local celebrities.

– Reach out to local brands and organizations.

All of this gives your social media profile a high concentration of local interaction. This all will be noticed by search engines and noted.

Visual Content.

‘A picture speaks thousand words’, is the adage. Make sure your textual content is accompanied by such visual aids. The photos and videos will help customers retain more information and the name of your website will remain at the back of their mind. This type of content will also make the viewers feel closer to your products.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the point where your customers enter your website. You should not just be thinking about making a sale. Make sure the customers find something useful and interesting in the page. Landing pages will help you increase the conversion rate of potential leads. If you don’t want to have multiple pages or are not sure on what kind of pages to create, have an awesome about us page ready to enchant the visitors.

Getting enlisted on local directories or classifieds websites and participating in local festivals and community gatherings like festivals in Edmonton can be safe bets. Local search marketing is not simple, but these unique tips will help you reach out to the local customers who matter.