Link building and content marketing maybe two different strategies, but that doesn’t mean you tackle them separately. Content marketing and link building complement each other and hence, you must focus on both of them at the same time.

This post that you are reading is an example of content marketing, but this link that I have added – How to conduct a link building analysis for your keyword space? – is an example of link building.

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Even though they are different, both of them aim to achieve the same objectives:

– Improve SEO Ranking

– Increase website traffic

– Have a better online presence

The reason for such an article is because most professionals assume that link building and content marketing can occur separately, but if you combine the two what you get is an impressive strategy to boost your online marketing.

Writing Content with Good Links

Good quality content will contain a wide variety of topics, examples and references to what others have said about it.

– Rather than explaining the whole concept from scratch, you can drop in the link. You should do this especially if you have written about the topic before.

– Examples are a great way to get a point across and build your argument, however, if it is too long to explain, a link can be added.

– You may want to disagree or agree with what someone else has said or written. To provide good context you should always add the link along with the quote.

Adding Links with Good Content

An article with a large number of links does not necessarily bring traffic. In fact, if you have a hyperlink in every paragraph, you are probably reducing the quality of content.

– Add links only when needed.

– Ensure the links are high quality. Various link building tools will help you recognize low quality links which direct your reader to an advertisement or spam site.

Google – Good Content and Good Links

Google always values high quality content, but it will be useless if Google never ranks your article in the top results. Link building achieves that. It gives your content a connection to be extensively searched on the internet.

– Always Hyperlink

You can’t just insert a link in your article and expect Google to boost your SEO ranking. It needs to be done right. The links throughout the article are hyperlinks. What Google does is read the link and the text of the hyperlink. If they are relevant to each other, it will give a boost to your content.

For example, the link text above is to an article named ‘Top 3 Link Building Articles to help build better authority links’ with ‘Various link building tools’ as the hyperlinked text. Both of them are relevant.

Do it Simultaneously

As and when you put up content, ensure it contains sufficient number of links. A year down the line, you don’t want to look back at your content-rich website and grapple with the problem of trying to add links to so many articles.

Additionally, your content writer will be accessing a range of links to write the article. So it would be easier to use some of these links as references in your content, instead of having to look for them later.

It is clear that content writing and link building go-hand in hand and you shouldn’t ignore either!