The power of social media lies in its real-time power. The moment you post something up, people can see it instantly and content is constantly traversing across social media platforms.  With such power, comes responsibility of skilfully managing all of them. Able to access social media from a mobile device gives you the power to make an update anytime and anywhere.

At times, you may even feel overwhelmed and helpless with the work in front of you.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

At the beginning of every day, create a list of what you aim to accomplish and get done. You then should tailor the rest of your actions and social media activities to achieve these aims. It is easy to get lost in social media watching video or tracking someone’s profile. By creating aims, deciding on actions and working towards what you want to accomplish, you can prevent this from happening.

Prioritise the things you have to accomplish and only when you get done with it, then move on to the next.

On the Phone

Once, you know what you’ve got to accomplish in the day, make use of the mobile. You don’t have to stick to the computer to get the job done. With the mobile, you can travel on the go and still have your important meetings and continue your social media activity.

Every social media platform has an official app, so you should download them. You can keep track of social media, find out their effects, results and share new content while you’re waiting in between meetings. You’re used to answering emails and messages during that time, now just divert it to social media.

Share instead of Creating

Creating high quality content can be quite time consuming. Writing high quality content means that you have to figure out a topic and take time to hunt for information to craft a strong argument. However, everyday plentiful amount of content is added on the web which you can share on your social media pages.

Social Media Tools

Social media tools are great in helping you find popular content. Check outScoop.itSwayv and Feedly. These sites collect interesting and popular content on the web and instead of wasting your time on Google searches, you will come across topics relevant to your business.

In addition, with tools like Tweetdeck, you can plan your social media posts in advance rather than be burdened with it through the day.

Recycling and Repurposing

Always keep a database or links of the content you’re posting up. Rather than wasting your time hunting for new content, you can repurpose the content and present it differently.


You have to focus on the details in social media. Since it’s something you spend time working on in between meeting and other work, it’s easy to lose focus. If don’t keep track, eventually at the end of the day, you won’t be sure if all the posts have gone up or not. Always keep taking down notes of the work you’re getting done and that is pending so that nothing slips your mind.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or the work is not getting done, take a breath, relax and just remember these points.