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Lead Generation Strategy: Gating Your Pricing

When we suggest placing a pricing page on a client’s site typically we get some version of these responses:

1) “It’s not done in our industry” or service providers don’t do this…

2) “What happens if my competition sees it?”

3) “All our pricing is custom, nothing is standard”

And then simply:

4) “We would never do that”

Most of the service providers avoid pricing page or rate sheet page on their website. Not we get the point that you don’t want to provide your pricing upfront for variety of reasons. But, here is a solution which is a win-win. You can have a pricing page but not give out pricing. “Ask For Email For them To Access Your Pricing”

Here is an example of how we applied that strategy for an Insurance broker:


edmonton insurance


Step # 2


insurance broker edmonton



Here is another example on how we implemented this for a service based company (Landscaping service provider): Goodfellas Property Management

We used this strategy and created a page: Price My Project

Step # 1:



Step # 2:


Online marketing landscaping



The key was in this simple step.

Instead of allowing visitors to self-navigate to the pricing page (and bounce if they didn’t make a buying decision), we “charged/asked for email” them to see the pricing.

When they clicked ‘see pricing,’ visitors were asked for their email address to gain access to the pricing page.

This tactic serves two purposes.

You will turn regular pricing page traffic into a list of qualified leads.

And having a barrier to pricing increases your service’s value in your prospect’s eyes.

Exclusivity is a driving force of desirability. If consumers can’t get something right away, it must be in high demand.


Golden SEO Opportunity

Here’s something else we’ve discovered: Ranking for pricing related keywords is super super easy…as no one is doing this.

No one wants to put price on their site!

This is SEO gold. Highly searched terms with little to no competition means we should all set out to do some keyword research. Check out the terms and phrases in your industry related to “cost” and “price,” and invariably you’ll uncover some huge content opportunities. You can garner easy SEO wins by creating a pricing page and optimizing for these terms, and even including free offers to capture that qualified traffic and engage them in a sales conversation.


alberta dentist fee guide


plumber rates


pricing chart



Productizing Your Service (Creating Packages)

Here is an example of our Client ATS Accounting for them without displaying the pricing package we productized the service into few different packages:


Accounting Firm Edmonton



taxes edmonton






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