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Lead Generation & Client Retention Strategy You Are Ignoring

Dental Clinic Case Study in Calgary, Alberta

Average Leads Generated Per Day 15-30/Day 

20 Day Case Study: ~330 Leads Generated

Created Custom and Lookalike Facebook Audience Campaigns and generated 30 new patients.

Average patient: ~$700 * 30 = 21,000 in new revenue generated


AD Copy: 

online advertising dental clinic


Automatically add Guest Wi-Fi users to your Facebook™ Audiences retargeting lists so you can show ads to customers who have visited specific locations that fit specific criteria.


Facebook ads

Hundreds, if not thousands of people pass through your venue each week. Wouldn’t it be great to get say just 10% of them to spend that little bit more, or come back more often? This proven formula works 24/7, 365 and it begins with one simple change…

Customer Data & Marketing Automation

Sounds complicated?

It’s not, it’s really, really simple!



wifi marketing



On average, patients wait 45 minutes in a medical clinic before seeing a doctor. Most of that time is spent on smartphones. Speed up that time with Free WiFi to provide them with information that will be important to them at that time. Learn more about your patients and their needs. Have them fill out surveys and questionnaires while they wait so you can improve their experience and serve them better.

Application in Restaurant

Promote your features while your guests are at their table. Show wine lists, featured menu items, daily specials and much more. Request a review from your customers minutes after they leave. Send links to reserve a table at times you know they usually visit.


Example of Analytics: 

facebook twitter local marketing


Automatically collect Guest Wi-Fi user profiles from Facebook™ and other social networks, email capture, SMS authentication and organize all data in your Guest CRM.

wifi analytics


Want to implement it at your local business? Contact us today!!


physiotherapist wifi marketing




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