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If you want your landscaping website to feature on top of search results, then you need to create SEO-friendly content. When you create SEO-friendly content, you get organically listed on search results. This means you do not have to pay search engines for ranking your landscaping website as in the case of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). However, you need to ensure that you follow the optimization process correctly to get your website listed. Writing SEO blogs is one of the best ways to start with SEO for landscaping websites. Although there are multiple on-page and off-page SEO factors that should be considered for optimization process, content is a major element that will impact your website’s rank.

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Before you start with SEO for landscaping website, it’s important to note that optimization is a continuous process. Once you see your website featured in the search results for relevant keywords, you should not stop there. For example, if you see that your landscaping website is listed in the search results for keywords such as “landscaping services”, “residential landscaping”, “commercial landscaping”, etc. then you should focus on other keywords as well. There will be many other keywords that people will be using to search for landscaping firms. In fact, some people may specifically search for services that you provide such as “sandblasting services”, “acreage driveways”, “asphalt driveways” etc. Additionally, you need to focus on consolidating your website’s rank in the search results. This is because, there will be many competitors who will be working on SEO and so, you do not want to lose your rank to them. Moreover, search engines are more likely feature websites that have fresh content often. Hence, SEO for landscaping websites is a never-ending process. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t discourage you from optimizing your website. SEO can certainly help you enhance your business and get more people to enquire for landscaping services. In other words, you will generate more leads by creating SEO-friendly content. A person searching for your services on Google will see your landscaping website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and hence, will visit your website. When going through the content on your website, he will be assured that you provide excellent services. As a result, your customer base increases. Now, to get your website featured on SERPs, you need to have SEO-friendly content. To help you create SEO-friendly content, here’s what you should be doing.

Select the Right Topics

You need to first identify the topics for which you are going to write. One way is to check what the competitors or your industry influencers are talking about. You may also get a fair idea when dealing with your customers about what services they are interested in. Also, when a person wants something, he will look for it online. Hence, you can always search for topics on Google and Bing. When you enter a keyword in the search query, search engines will provide some recommendations or a list of keywords related to the search term.

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 Likewise, when you view the bottom of the SERP, there will a list of related searches.

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Once you have identified the topics, you can create multiple sub-topics to write content. For example, if your topic is local landscaping services, then your sub topics can include “different types of local landscaping services”, “benefits of landscaping”, “mistakes to avoid while landscaping”, etc. In fact, you can create topics based on specific services that you may provide such as “snow removal”, “acreage driveways”, “asphalt and paving”, “sandblasting”, “residential decorative concrete”, etc. For each of these topics, you may have multiple sub-topics where you educate your target audience. However, if you want to rank your website only for a specific landscaping service such as “landscape designing for residentials”, then you can create topics that are related to specific services only.

Keyword Research for Landscaping Terms

Your content can be SEO-friendly only when you add keywords for which you want to feature. For instance, if you want your landscaping website listed for “landscaping services”, then you need to add this keyword in your content. However, you should not decide the keywords on your own. At first, you should see what your target audience is using to search for landscaping services. If they use “landscape designs” or “landscape architects”, then you should use these keywords instead. Now the question here arises is how do you know what your audience is searching. One of the ways to determine the keywords is using ‘Google auto-complete’ or ‘related searches’ which is displayed at the end of SERPs. There are multiple other websites that provide keyword suggestions or keyword research tools but since Google is the most popular search engine, it’s best that you stick to it only.

Earlier Google used to provide Google Keyword Planner where you would get a list of the most commonly used keywords or terms. Now if you want to view this information, you need to sign up with Google AdWords and start your online campaign. Conducting Google AdWords campaign will allow you to get access to Google Keyword Planner tool and fetch you with the relevant keywords relating to landscaping services. Plus, you can be sure to get some quick leads as well through Google AdWords.

Another way of determining the most popular keyword terms is by using Google Trends. All you need to do is enter a word that is relevant to landscaping services. For example, if you type “asphalt concrete”, you will get the list of places where the term is most used, related topics, related queries, and interest or the use of a term over time. Thus, Google Trends will help you identify the trending topics or terms that people are using across the globe.

You need to note that there are two times of keywords- short-tailed keywords and long-tailed keywords. Short-tailed keywords may include “landscaping”, “landscaping services”, “sandblasting”, etc. which are generally used. Long-tailed keywords have multiple words and are more specific such as “commercial landscaping services in Edmonton”, etc. If you want to target a large group of audience, then short-tailed keywords can be used as they are more generic. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there will be many competitors using short-tailed and you will have to outrank multiple websites. Long-tailed keywords are ideal if you want to focus on a specific group of people such as people living in Edmonton and want landscaping services for commercial purposes only. Moreover, you will have a fewer number of websites focusing on providing commercial services for Edmonton-specific region. In this case, you will have a few number of visitors on your websites, but your conversion rate will be high.

Creating Content

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Create content keeping in mind your target audience. Also, be careful that there are no grammatical errors and the sentence structure flows well. In other words, it means that readers should not find it difficult to read your statements. Moreover, ensure that you use words that can be easily understood by your readers. If the audience is unable to understand certain terms, then they might not be interested in reading your content even though you have some good and unique information to share.

When it comes to creating content, you need to ensure there is new content often on your website. The number of monthly blogs will vary based on the number of landscaping services you provide, the number of keywords that you want the website to rank for, etc. When creating content, ensure that your content is valuable and unique to your audience. Often websites make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on the number of keywords used on the blog rather than focusing on the quality of the post. For a content piece of 500 words, adding 2-3 keyword phrase should be sufficient. It should be noted that keywords are not the only parameters for creating SEO-friendly content. There are multiple on-page and off-page elements that will help you boost your website rank. Assuming you have many keywords in your content and your blog post gets featured in the SERPs. You will see a spike in your web traffic. But, if your visitors do not find your content interesting or valuable to them, then they will leave your website. As a result, there will be a high bounce rate. High bounce rates are an indication for search engines that users dislike your content and so, they will reduce your website rank. Therefore, it’s important that you create content that educates and provide quality information to the target audience. If possible, create lengthy content. The more information you cover in your content, it indicates that you are an expert in providing landscaping services. Hence, more people are likely to choose your landscaping services.

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Adding Links

Add links to your content. Links may include both external or internal links. Even if you find it difficult to fetch an external link, make sure you add internal links to your blog posts. If one of your blogs, gets a good rank in the search results, then the internal links added enables the other webpages to be indexed easily by search engines. Moreover, there is a good chance your linked webpage’s rank will improve. This is because links are an indication to users that if you want to know more about a specific topic, then you can visit the linked webpage and get more information. Therefore, it’s important that you use the correct anchor text for adding links. From a search engine point of view, links indicate that the added link is a credible source or the linked webpage has vital information.

While adding links, ensure that the anchor text matches with the information on the linked webpage. For example, if your anchor text includes “contact a landscaping firm”, then upon clicking on the anchor text, the user should be directed to your ‘contact us’ webpage. Similarly, if the anchor text includes “avoid landscaping errors”, then the linked webpage should cover information about landscaping errors. Do not make the mistake of adding too many links in your content. Too many links will result in poor user experience. Just imagine if you are going through a blog post that has links everywhere throughout the content. You may even end up clicking some links by mistake especially when you use a smartphone to go through the content. Therefore, add links only where you feel that a reader is more likely to click or when you are unable to provide more information in the same blog post.

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Optimize Images

Images will be one of the major elements while creating your content. You may have several images that showcase your work especially for decorative concrete, garden landscape, etc. Therefore, you need to optimize the images. The search engines cannot understand what the image is about unless you mention it in the alt tag. The alt tag is a field that is displayed when you upload any image on your landscaping website. In the alt tag section, add the keywords for which your content is written. Apart from adding keywords in your alt tag, ensure that you add the title and a short description of the image as well.

Also, to boost your SEO efforts, it is recommended that you add keywords in your URL, the title of the blog post, and the meta description tag too. Following these points will certainly allow you to create content that is SEO-friendly. But, do not be surprised if your blog is not featuring in the first few pages of the search results. Remember that SEO for landscaping website is a continuous process and you need to create SEO-friendly content on a regular basis to enhance your website rank. If you do not have a team with the right skills to develop content, then it is recommended that you take the assistance of an expert digital marketing firm. In fact, an expert digital marketing firm will also look after SEO for landscaping website and ensure that the website rank is enhanced.