Last Episode # 208 One Marketing & Sales Mistake You Are Making


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There are no shortcuts!!

I can understand why marketing sometimes looks like a magic trick.

Why do some companies implement customer service and suddenly their sales team (which is cold calling all the time) has massive successes? Ok, when you look at it from the customer’s standpoint, that is easy to understand – the customer wants to be in good hands after all, but how does the customer even know that your customer service is good?

Why does one company have success with referral marketing and the other does not?

Why do content marketing strategies sometimes take years to establish and suddenly they reach a peak point and explode into massive success?

Why does the simple announcement of a new company slogan like “Think Different” (Apple Computers) lead to a massive change?

There are many more examples of marketing efforts looking like magic. But they are not. Behind these successes there was a process involved.





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